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What effect does long periods of isolation have on humans' psychological state?

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    One begins to self absorb - get into their own heads with its own negative seeds, and CONTINUED isolation will serve to feed these seeds.

    Th isolated person will only see others life in their false portrayals behind false smiles only serving to compound their growing beliefs that our own lives are so unworthy.

    One needs to get out and see the reality that the problems are infact majority not the monitory.


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    All the answers here are so true and this takes place on a daily basis in the prisons around our nation and the world for that matter. Locking someone up for 23 hours aday and not letting them be part of the social population is so cruel. They after all are humans too. It can effect people in so many terrible ways we can not fathom.

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    A certain amount of aloneness can bring mystical insights, spiritual breakthroughs. Isolating oneself for short periods of meditation can produce long-term positiveeffects.

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    They start to get withdrawn and sometimes talk to themselves and rock back and forth.

    They did an experiment on monkeys keeping them in isolation and they were really messed up, especially if it was during their development period. When they reintroduced them to other monkeys they would get bullied and would sit alone in a corner and rock.

    Then they artificially impregnated the isolated monkeys and they were really bad parents who would either ignore or kill their kids.

    Kinda sad, really.

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    The psychologiacal effects manifest in physical form-

    They literaly begin to die from the inside out.

    Check out

    Pilgrimsavant / Planet Otherwise

    on youtube.

    He is an artist whose work is allied to Autism Awareness

    (people who know all about isolation)

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    His mental capability is not properly developed relative to modern knowledge. However, there are positive sides. He has more discipline and self reliance.

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    I kinda like that one above grave diggers...It is very true...i've been that lonely...I've just come to accept myself as a crazy person because I'm only getting crazier...I think people like me should probably get locked away, but I think I just more sleep...OH WELL F/cuk it i'm not dwelling on it anymore... I'm going to bed....

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    Anxiety, psychosis, neurosis, OCD, hallucination, depression, suicidal tendencies

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    leads to anger depression and a hatred towards others and suicidal thoughts. oh and a lack of trust issues.

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    It probably depends on the persons personality.

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