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can anyone help with this hisory?

1.What role did the federal government play in the economy during the war?

a.The government gave industries more economic freedom.

b.The government lowered taxes to promote economic growth.

c.The government stripped the corporate world of its power.

d.The government regulated the production of war goods.

2.The rapid development of the mass media during the 1920s

a.promoted a mass migration to rural areas.

b.encouraged Americans to work longer hours.

c.promoted the creation of a national culture.

d.simplified life for most Americans.

3.When the Dow Jones Industrial Average began to drop sharply in late October 1929,

investors bought record shares of stock.

bankers pardoned personal loans and mortgages.

President Hoover warned Americans to stop investing.

investors raced to get their money out of the stock market.

4.Which of the following aroused the greatest opposition?

the Wagner Act

the Social Security system

FDR's attempt to "pack" the Supreme Court

government funding of the arts

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    1. d

    2. c

    3. d

    4. c

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    This is not that important to me at all. Well, maybe a little.

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