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why is the star-spangled banner the national anthem?

of the United States


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    Star Spangled Banner: National anthem of the United States. Francis Scott Key, a lawyer, wrote the lyrics after watching the British attack Fort McHenry, Maryland, in 1814, during the War of 1812. The melody was taken from “To Anacreon in Heaven,” a drinking song of the Anacreontic Society (of London) that was written by the British composer John Stafford Smith. Key's words were first published in a broadside in 1814 under the title “Defence of Fort M'Henry.” The song's title was changed when it appeared in sheet-music form later the same year. After a century of general use, the four-stanza song was officially adopted as the national anthem by act of Congress in 1931.

    Taken from Encyclopedia Britannica Online (check your local library Web site for access to this database)

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    Because it was written by Francis Scott Key during the Revolutionary War when the British were bombing Fort Henry, I think.

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