Where have the street prostitutes gone in Houston?

Seeking street prostitutes in Houston for a book called "A Woman's Prerogative". I Looked at Yahoo answers and was informed they were on Airline and Bellaire. These answeres were four months old and when I went there I couldn't find but one and she declined an interview (even for money). I have already interviewed call girls, escorts and dancers in strip clubs. Two of the strip club dancers stated they used to be street walkers but it was easier in the clubs. Where are the street prostitutes - or has Houstons Finest cleaned the streets of prostitutes?

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    Dude, be very careful with this... sweeps are very frequent in Houston and you don't want to have to prove in court that you picked one up for some interview. Imagine the attorney expenses if you would have to prove your innocence.

    To be the devil's advocate, I spot them often in these particular areas:

    - SW Freeway and @ Hillcroft Ave: Mainly in Gulfton Dr, a very mysteriously hidden side-street. These chicks can go up and down the feeder of 59's NB side from Hillcroft to Beechnut (and even up to Gessner). The Shell station here is very popular at 4am with them. Look for the Sprint Store near Roadrunner Inn and the motels nearby. Across the freeway (SB Feeder), keep an eye on Bellerive. There's a couple of them that work as a team, I heard. Federallies are here often, but with such a wide range of this redlight district, there's a lesser chance of getting busted. But here's a tip, these prostitutes blend in very well with nightclubbers at Crystal and Colorado (the strip club). Federallies do too!

    - 610 South Loop: Ranging from South Main (ALT 90) and all the way up to Kirby (even as far as Fannin). Here, you have a 50/50 chance of picking up either a dirty one, or a cop. Nevertheless, this area is very much protected by a gang of pimps and crack dealers and believe me, THEY CARRY GUNS. It's the motel behind that Shell station. If you pick one up, be forewarned that you will be asked to pull up at a hideout motel and once you get there, you will have a gang of thugs with guns pointing at you. You will be frisked and inspected by the pimps. Drive a car too nice and bring a little too much money and expect the end of you on this one.

    - I-45 South/Northbound: Range from Monroe to College / Airport. This is a favorite for cop sweeps. But prostitutes are usually spotted within the plaza's near bars and video shops past 1am.

    - Montrose area: Mainly in Westheimer, ranging from Montrose to Taft (up to the back side of #'s club). If you don't pick up a cop here, chances are, the hot, sexy, slender prostitute you might pick up over here will have an extra 6" to 9" package down below. Because they blend in so well with the people who regularly appear spontaneously in the Montrose area, it's less likely to get caught here.

    - Westheimer @ Hillcroft: These girls here are wishful thinkers. It's rare that they show up. If they do, they are at a bus stop pretending to be a "passenger in waiting" in front of Bedrock Comics / CVS Pharmacy and even across the street.

    - S. Braeswood: Between Gessner and the Bissonet merge. You don't want to go here. Constables are everywhere.

    By all means, if you can, just pick up a Houston Press, and look for the naughty pages. Call them or visit the spas and the "rub down" places. It will cost you lots of money, but it's better safe than sorry (as far as getting arrested). I, personally, never, and would NOT even get near one, to be honest. I deal with enough HIV patients in a single week.

    Source(s): I drive a lot, around town. When I spot one, I can't help but laugh... Some of the sources came from an old friend's knowledge of these things.
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    Where have the street prostitutes gone in Houston?

    Seeking street prostitutes in Houston for a book called "A Woman's Prerogative". I Looked at Yahoo answers and was informed they were on Airline and Bellaire. These answeres were four months old and when I went there I couldn't find but one and she declined an interview (even for...

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    I just saw a news report on Fox that prostitution was real bad in the Montrose area. The cops won't actually stop it they just crack down on a certain area and make it hot, so they move to another area. So be careful they are about to start making that area hot from what the news report was saying.

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    They don't have to walk the streets when they advertise in the back of the Houston Press as massage therapists and rubdown girls, and the yellow pages...

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    i've only seen two street walkers. i saw one over in the chimneyrock area and one down a side street off 45 northbound in south houston. they stick to brothels mainly nowadays. pretty much any place that has a sign saying asian spa, or spa, or 'modeling studio' thats open 24 hours a day is a brothel. look in the back pages of the Houston Press and they advertise. they have them all over town, next to strip clubs, in the wholesale district on the west side, and i've even seen a couple next to 24 hour video stores. there is one off of college, which is over in the airline and bellaire area off of 45 southbound. i've even spotted one off of bagby in midtown.

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    I have seen some on Antoine/34th and 290. Good Luck, and like the others mentioned be careful with the HPD. I don't know if I buy your interview story.

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