Why is it when people talk about the holocaust????

They only talk about jews being persecuted? Hitler also killed gypsies, homosexuals, other races, and mentally disabled people. Their death toll was 6 million just like the jews. Why aren't they noticed? That's pretty much a slap in the face for those survivors. Why aren't they acknowledged???


Grizzly maybe I will then! I'll certainly be the first too!!!

Update 2:

Lina H that's horrible...but you may be right.

Update 3:

Stalin killed at least 2 times as many people as Hitler you are right. So I don't know why he's not talked about.

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    Those of you who are making so-called "race" an issue really need to put yourselves in check and learn about history.

    To add: "Yet the Holocaust WAS mainly about race." ----Of course it was. It doesn't look, to me, like anyone is denying that. What's being disputed is the idea that "race" is the reason why the Jewish victims get so much attention.


    I'm reposting one of my previous answers....

    It seems plausible to me to doubt the extent of what happened- to a degree- but not to deny the whole thing. That's absurd. I suppose that there are some people who deny that ''The Holocaust'' ever happened. But, for the most part, this isn't the case. People question the figures and other information provided to us. And they dispute the emphasis put on it- As another user commented- What about the others? Why is just one atrocity given so much attention and sympathy?

    "The Holocaust'' was NOT the only holocaust ever to happen to a group of people; and I'm not going to be affected by it any more than any other genocide. The Khmer Rouge regime [Cambodia], for example, killed millions of people- starting with artists, musicians, etc... and anyone who spoke out against them. They don't call it ''The Killing Fields'' for nothing. 'Til this day, you still can't walk off the main roads there due to hidden bombs going off.

    I do NOT deny that "The Holocaust" ever happened. However, I do think that what happened and what history tells us happened has been distorted by the U.S., Israel, and Jewish groups to gain sympathy, to get their way, and to shape their foreign policy. One huge clue is the spot light that's put on the Jewish victims. Well, Jews weren't the only victims. Hitler's first target was Poland. True, Polish Jews were among those who were killed. But also victimized were Polish Christians, Catholics, and those in Poland's Underground army.

    Hitler's victims also included people from Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Holland, France, and Germany. Jehovah Witnesses were forced to wear purple armbands, imprisoned, and killed for refusing to pledge their loyalty to the Third Reich. People, including Pastors and Preachers, who refused to worship the Nazi ideology were forced into concentration camps. Many of the clergymen were housed separately from the other prisoners. Very few survived. Most were either executed or died from starvation and disease.

    There were other victims as well. ''Black'' people in Nazi-occupied Europe faced persecution, medical experimentation, incarceration, sterilization, and murder. And, like the Jews, the Roma [Gypsies] were chosen for complete elimination. So why is the spot light on the Jewish victims? Like I said, history has been distorted by the U.S., Israel, and Jewish groups to gain sympathy, to get their way, and to shape their foreign policy.

    Israel is motivated by greed. They want to get their grubby paws on every inch of land that they possibly can and to hell with anyone who doesn't stand with them. Do they have the right to exist? Of course. But NOT in Palestine. They do NOT have the right to return to and claim a land they willingly left, proclaim it a holy land because "God said" they should settle there, and massacre an entire group of people. The land was supposed to be reparations for "The Holocaust". But most of the Jews didn't go there- They went to America. It was mainly rich Jews from America who occupied Israel and claimed something intended for holocaust survivors.

    What do Arabs have to do with "The Holocaust"? Nothing. So, then, why are they being killed? And why are the Jews who dare to speak out against this being beaten and killed? It's because Israel wants total control over the middle east. And that's precisely one of the reasons why the U.S. is in Iraq. That and oil. Everything the U.S. does in the middle east is motivated by the oil cash cow. Israel doesn't have any oil, but it's the biggest player in the middle east. So there's no question that the U.S. is always going to side with Israel. The U.S. and Israel have sort of a "you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours," deal going on.

    And before someone claims that the U.S. isn't oil crazy- PLEASE! Why do you think the U.S. is such a longtime ally of Saudi Arabia (which happens to be the world's largest oil producer)? Anyone care to research how deep Bush and Cheney are buried in oil? No, no, no, I'm not some "wacky liberal" who thinks that Republicans are the end all be all of evil. After all, the move of oil companies and the U.S. military into central Asia was a strategy crafted by Bill Clinton. And it was Clinton adviser Richard Morningstar who brought Halliburton and Cheney into the Caspian region.

    Oil geologists believe that there are very few undiscovered reserves remaining in the Americas. And this has politicians, government officials, and big business pissing their pants. Like I said, if it's about the middle east, oil is the motivation. Rule the oil industry = Rule the world.

    But why would the rest of the world allow the U.S. to turn it upside down? Simple- They buy into the lies. The U.S. scares the world with imaginary threats of terrorism to achieve the result of everyone thinking that the U.S. is some kind of global protector of humanity. LIES, ALL LIES! Al Qaeda was a C.I.A. invention. And the Taliban was a longtime bedfellow of the U.S. Terrorism is a tool for manipulation, just like "The Holocaust".

    Of course, not many people are willing to tell the truth. After all, to do so is to risk being labeled a terrorist, anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Christian and/or an anti-Semite and to risk all the possible consequences of these labels. These labels are tossed around so much now that they've lost their meaning. Anyone who doesn't buy into U.S./Israeli propaganda risks wearing either or all of the above labels- Which is such a load of crap. Labeling people as "anti-Semites" is a particularly large load of crap since not all Jews and Israeli citizens are Semitic and not all Semites descended from the ancient Hebrews. Arabs are Semites, for that matter. Why is "Semite" so commonly associated with the Jews? The indoctrination of Judaism and Christianity- That's why. Yup, like terrorism and "The Holocaust", religion is also used as a tool for manipulation.

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    Ironically some of the Nazi hierarchy were homosexual or bi sexual starting with Ernest Rohm. He was killed not for being gay but becoming more popular than Hitler and questioning his leadership.

    The problem with the Jews is that they were singled out for extermination and there was not a damn thing they could do;

    shouting hiel Hitler, singing the Horst Wessel song or joining the army wouldn't save them whereas homosexuals could act straight, not give themeselves away in public and thereby avoid these problems.

    That said, as of the last 10 years there are more historical movies coming out that are adressing these issues of the other groups. The Jewish groups have done a much better job over the last 60 years making sure we don't forget what happened to them and as they say, the squeaky wheel gets all the grease. Similarily I noticed some Arikaans (white Dutch South Africans) have also complained about too much attention on the Holocaust and not enough said about the British concentration camps for the Boers in the Boer war where many died as well. Again, I told them they need to get out, write books, make movies and documentaries etc. to get us to pay attention as well.


    Michael Kelly

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    I am not sure But id like to know why the holocaust is always talked about. Stalin killed or had killed over 10 million of his OWN PEOPLE. Stalin was just as bad if not worse than Hitler.

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    True. There were other victims of different races, beliefs and such.

    Maybe they are not acknowledged the way jewish people are because the people who promote that aspect of the European holocaust (the practitioners of judiasm and others) didn't have an agenda of making the other people's tragedy a case to justify taking over a portion of the 'Middle East'.

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    a majority of them were jews, but I agree, they should be acknowledged. The courses I took that covered the holocaust did go in depth on the other minorities that were killed.

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    NativeAtlantean, how you figure that? If that was the issue then the holocaust wouldn't be so widely acknowledged, taught, and discussed.

    I swear, SOME people will use any excuse to biiiiiiitch and moan about race.

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    No one wants to hear that. Its more important that white ppl don't have endure more talk of the evil that SOME of them did. Its more important that we not only "get over it", but also not acknowledge the long term effects of it (globally) or acknowledge the continuation of it.

    @Mr. troll killer-are you sucidal with that name?

    Of course the holocaust of the jews is well known (enough ppl ***** about that obviously) I meant ppl outside of them-duh!

    Yet the Holocaust WAS mainly about race. Everything else secondary. I've seen plenty of docs. about Nazis, it most def. was about RACE. Because the kkk don't like catholics mean they aren't racist first & foremost & religionist bigots also?

    I swear some ppl will do anything to get aroung the race issue, when its convenient for them to do so. Must be nice.

  • because it was predominantly jews. but i agree with you, everyone else should be recognized too.

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    becouse hiler hated jews personally and performed tortures on them

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