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WTF? Bryan Smith drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles?

What was Andy Reid thinking when he drafted Bryan Smith? Anybody think this was the worst pick ever? He's a freaking undersized defensive end and if your going to move him to linebacker he's still undersized even if he's real fast...

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    Size isn't that big of a deal.... Trent Cole is small and he's still a beast. Anyone remember Dat Nguyn from the Cowboys? He was a small LB and was still a monster for the cowboys. I'll admit that Bryan Smith was a reach though...

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  • Carnac
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    I just don't see why they haven't drafted a safety yet. Coulda had ZBikowski there. Sometimes Reid tries to prove how smart he is. Could have had Kenny Phillips at 19.

    What are they going to do with 4 4th round picks. You can't tell me that all of these guys are going to make the team. Or all the 6th round picks? Complete garbage again.

    I guess next year they will trade down 2 next year.

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  • 1 decade ago

    man this pick is stupid, if they wanted a DB, get a bigger one atleast.

    Reid is going crazy.

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