Where there any warning signs of the earthquake in mexico 1985?

small shocks or vibrations that may have happened

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    1 decade ago
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    As with most earthquakes, there are two types of vibrational waves that originate from the origin or point of action. Primary p-waves and secondary s-waves (if I recall correctly) are the vibrational waves created by earthquakes. The p-waves (non destructive ones) can move x20 quicker and are detected first by seismic meters.

    Also, since this earthquake was caused by a plate subducting or sliding under another one, there would have been substantial stress and friction right before the earthquake happened. Thus, no doubt there would have been many shocks or vibrations as the stress would have wanted to break out.

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    No, the 1985 quake, as with many major quakes, struck with no warning:


    Some quakes give advance warning, others don't, or at least give no warnings scientists have been able to detect reliably at this point. Study continues becasue obviously it would be great to be able to predict big quakes, but successes in this area are still few and far between.

    Sleep tight. :)

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