I am bad in math.. is there a free online tutoring website i could go to?

I am terrible in math. I got a 72 on my 5th 6th's week exam. Thats bad. We have TAKS on Tuesday (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skill) and i am super nervous. I have to pass. I am in 6th grade. Is there a free online tutoring website i could use for the next 2 days? Almost every good tutoring website online has to do with money. I need free. i am broke.


p.s. I am studying as well, but i need more help


PLEASE PEOPLE, IF YOU RED MY NAME IT SAYS CLEARLY "retardedwithtaylor" RETARDED WITH TAYLOR, We came up with the name for fun. So stop saying i need to change it and answer my question....

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    For the same reasons why people charge money for tutoring off line, people need to charge online. People simply don't work for free or else they couldn't make a living.

    I suggest you talk with your guardian and try to work something out with your problem. Also, check any schools nearby because there often are after school tutoring in which you are able to attend-free of charge.

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    Change your name you are not retarded

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    Go on www.mymaths.co.uk or www.emaths.com

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