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BB Hiccups and throw-up


I don't know why but my 1.5 month old baby easily hiccups and eventually, she throws up a large portion of the milk taken. Do you know why and how to prevent this? thanks.

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    Two reasons that cause the hiccups and throw-up:

    1) While feeding the baby, much air has been swallowed, especially for fast and large volume of milk feedings. When the stomach has been quite full, it is very easy to have hiccups and throw-up.

    2) The oesophagus and stomach are still immature in development. This condition is especially serious in those pre-mature birth babies. After a few months, the condition mostly improves when the growth of these organs becomes better.


    1) During one feeding precedure, stop at two to three intervals. Hold the baby with its back standing upward, and its chest leaning on your upper chest. Gently tap its upper back or make upward strokes by your palm until you hear the sound of swallowed air coming out from the baby's mouth. This action is called 'air expelling massage'. (In Chinese is 掃風)

    2) In some babies,hiccups and throw-up happen during every feeding even though you have done the massage. You should consult the doctor because your baby may have pyloric stenosis (胃幽門狹窄症). The sphincter muscle between the oesophagus and the stomach is too tight that it only allows small amount of milk pass through. So, hiccups and throw-up easily happen. Doctor may advise you to prepare a sitting-up cushion chair to rest the baby in upward position for 15 minutes or longer after feeding. This method works well to improve the condition.

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    3) Pay attention to the teat if your baby is having bottle feeding. Incline the bottle more to let the teat being covered with milk totally. This can prevent the baby from swallowing excess air during sucking action.

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    More information for prevention (1): You should do the "massage" two to three times for every feeding. Do not lay the baby flat after feeding. Carry it up right for at least 15 minutes.

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    Please try to pose your question in "health" section. They will be able to answer.

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