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Urgent - 負重問題


4kpa = ~80 lb / sq. feet

那不是很奇怪? 每平方尺之地台只可承受80磅的重量, 一個人的重量都不只如此吧...

Pls. explain the case to me with details....thanks

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    Floor loading, although is expressed in force (in kgf or in lbf) per unit area (in square metre or square feet), is calculated from the total thrust that the floor slab as a whole that could support without causing structural damage.

    Thus, a specified floor loading of, say 80 lb/sq. feet, on an area of 100 000 feet could support a total thrust of 8 000 000 lbs, or about 3,570 British tons.

    When a load is applied onto a certain area of the floor slab, the weight of the load would [spread over] on the floor slab and be supported by the structure of the floor (there are steel bars inside reinforced concrete of the floor slab). The weight of a man, when he is standing on the floor, is spreading over the floor area and surely is too small to casue as [structural damage] to the floor slab.

    You have to differentiate [structural damage] with the surface damage of a floor slab. If you are using a sharp-pointed device (a hard steel needle of the like) to pierce the floor, this only causes surface damage but not strutural damage to the floor.

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    kpa單位即千柏,是指一千倍大氣壓。4kpa 應約等於80 lb / sq. inch。

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