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十萬火急中譯英 - Part 2



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    The second part is to give simple textial explain to ”using spy”, especially using the typical examples in the Chunqiu Zhanguo(the Warring States ). Thereby , to explore the route of the development of the spy activities.

    This activities started early in ancient China. From Zuo Commentary(←理雅各氏英譯), we could see many successful example in using spy.

    The spy development include two parts that is ”Jian”(To alienate) and ”Die”(Finding information). Both of them have different meaning in Chunqiu but became identical in the developing process by degrees, including”to sow distrust in a rival or enemys camp”and ”spy on information”. Therefore in the late Warring States, the term ”Jiandie(spy)” appeared. It was at its peak. The famous spy and successful activities emerge in an endless stream. Compare with the one in Chunqiu which basically proceed under permission in morality, the Warring States’ one were totally a breakthrough. All the Warring States’spy activities were targeted on profit and reality. Go all lengths and to extremes in every measure or on every count.



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