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1. My Favorite Teacher

2. My Classmates

3. My Babits






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    Title: My Habits

    Rollerblade, piano and billiards were the three things I always wanted to learn when I was a little kid, now they have become three of my favorite habits.

    I started ice skating when I was little. It seems like ice skating and rollerblading are similar to some extend. When I first put the rollerblade gear on my feet, it was as intense as stepping on the clouds. Gradually, I got used to the skill of rollerblading and now I can rollerblade as fast as the wind.

    I took a group class for piano beginners last summer. At the beginning of the course, my fingers were stiff and they looked just chicken claws. I now am taking a private lesson once a week and it is getting me one step closer to the world of Beethoven. Although I am not very good at playing piano yet, it has become one of my lifelong passions.

    Another habit I enjoy doing is shooting pool. The first time I held the cue physically was many years ago. At that time I could not even hit the balls. Now I can hit the balls into the pockets even without looking at them. You can witness that when you play pool with me next time.

    Research has shown that ongoing learning helps keep the mind in shape and can increase longevity. Whether you are 18 or 80, it’s never too late to learn. The fun part of learning is the process not the result. Find a healthy habit, learn to do it, you will see it is incredibly rewarding!

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    My Favorite Teacher

    My favorite teacher is Miss XXX, our English teacher. She is not only beautiful but also kindhearted. All students respect and love her very much. She is good at teaching. I hate English language before I met Miss XXX. It's now my favourite language. For me, she is not also a good teacher but also a good friend. She helps me when I'm in trouble, give me strength when I feel depressed. I never see her angry. She always wears a smile on her face. She tells us angry can't solve problems and it will make us older. She also tells us only smile will make you and everyone around you happy and smile can make you younger. She wants us to lead a happy life. She never scolds us. She will tell us the reason when we make mistake. She treats same to all the students, whether they are rich or poor, outstanding or not. So we all love her very much. She is my favourite teacher in my life. I will not forget her throughout my life.


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    請寫中文 不然怎翻譯?

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    作文首先有topic sentence, 意即該段你要說啥; 比如說你要寫最喜歡的老師, 第一句就要寫出來, 中間部分事support sentences, 請舉出事証或其特質 說明你為什麼喜歡該老師, 最後 conclusion, 結論, 比如老師哪些地方值得學習等等o

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