I recently started going to the tanning bed and I have bumps all over my stomach.?

The bed I am laying in is the safest bed. Only UVB and no burn BUT after the 3rd day my stomach/chest broke out with all these little red bumps! They itch but not much. Very unattractive! Does anyone know what the bumps are or how I can prevent them?? BTW I have tanned in the past and never had this problem. Also, I understand ppl disagree with tanning beds and respect that but this a question for ppl who tan and have expierenced the same problem. Thanks for your help!!!!


I guess I should have mentioned that I have a flesh eating disease caused by a severe herpes outbreak!!

lol...thanks for the responses!

They actually clean the bed in front of me. Could be the chemicals. But my stomach NEVER touches the bed and that is the only place that is broke out??? Oh well,I think I'm just going to use the spray on instant tan for now until I can a definitive answer.

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    Are you sure that hey are not either ofthe following:

    small blisters or heat rash? (I had this once and yes they itch)

    -the blisters were so tiny that I could hardly even tell thatt hey were blisters, my doctor had to actually point it out, that they were blisters and not just "bumps".

    an allergic reaction to your tanning lotion?

    -sometimes when you continually use the same lotion your body begins to "reject it" same reason why woman who start wearing make up very early tend to NOT be able to wear it later in life, because they become llergic to it.

    have you changed your tannign lotion recently?

    -also could be an allergic reaction... or sometimes the "hot action" lotions can cause red bumps and a tingly/itchy sesnation for up to 6 hours after you tan, or until you shower to remove it.

    Try covering just your tummy with a towel while you tan, and don't apply any tanning lotion or accelorator to the area, for a couple times and see what happens... *i know that you don't want a tan line* but the stomach is usually the first area to tan, gets the darkest and also absorbs the most heat in the bed. If it still happens, it could have something to do with the heat and NOT the bed or the lotion itself.

    you could also see if an aloe based "after tanning lotion" helps.

    If NONE of this works, I would recommend stopping tanning, and seeing your doctor about it before starting again.

    **my aunt and uncle owned a tanning salon for 5 years, I both worked and tanned there for a long time, so I've seen alot of crazy stff... probably more than I wanted to... lol**

    we also own a tanning bed and have for a REALLY Long time... I've been tanning since I was in about 8th - 9th grade.

    BTW to keep from getting wrinkles from tanning... exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate... lol cause unfortunately it IS true... you do get wrinkles from tanning... =)

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    Bumps From Tanning Bed

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    I cannot tell you about these bumps but I will tell you to stop using tanning beds. They are not safe. They cause cancer, if anyone tells you different they are lying or don't know the truth. They are very dangerous. Stay the color you were born. God wanted you to be that color. Tell your sister these bumps are a warning. Don't do this again. Even if you don't get cancer, you will make your skin look like old dried up leather. It causes wrinkles and makes you ugly. Have you ever seen the moving 'Something about Mary'? with the old wrinkled lady? that is what will happen to you from a tanning bed. Not to mention all the other radiated problems you can get from it. And yes I have used one once but, once I learned the truth, I never used on again. I know you are probably saying "why aren't they against the law if they are dangerous?" We have a thing called freedom of choice and until someone passes a law about tanning bed issues there will be no regulations passed on them. Just remember until the last 1960's LSD was leagal in this country. Why should your death or the death of your sister be the reason why someone passed a law about tanning beds. I'm from South Florida and most of the people I know don't walk out of their house in the morning to go to work unless they have sunscreen on, yet I moved to a small town in the Northern US and there is a tanning salon on every corner. I'm in shock. I thought the fad ended in the 80's until I moved here. I have met people 15 years younger than me and was in shock because they look 15 years older than me because their skin is so bad from using tanning beds and they have liver spots all over their bodies. Some of these people are in their early 20's. Please stop.

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    It could be a problem with a cleaning agent that they use to sterilize the bed. If they aren't getting all of it removed, it could be a contact chemical "burn." You might want to ask how they clean the beds and see if there is a way to wipe it down before you get in it.

    Another possibility is that they DON'T clean the bed and that one of the people who also uses that facility has some sort of skin infection (staph? or otherwise) and that you are getting infected. If that is true, I really hope you don't end up with herpes. It's for life.

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    There is NO SUCH THING as a 'safest bed'!

    The only safe tan is a fake tan!


    Claire Oliver (Australian woman) died from solarium tanning.

    Wake up to yourself.

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    my boyfriend used to work at a tanning salon as its manager, and he says the red bumps are caused by sweat and artificial heat. the bumps will go away within a week if not irritated.

    to prevent bumps, use tanning lotion and use a towel afterwards to wipe off the excess sweat.

    easy as that ;)

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    i don't know anything about tanning beds, but just incase, those bumps could be skin cancer? i don't know but you might wanna check that out with a doctor, just incase.

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    Probably just acne. Those beds have been tested to contain tons of bacteria from the other users.

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    its a heat rash, put some aloe vera on it and have a few days rest from the bed.

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