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Cleaning a gun, what is a powder solvent?

I'm reading my instructions for cleaning my new semi-auto.

What is a powder solvent?

I have Break Free. Is that the same?


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    BreakFree-CLP (Cleaner, Lubricant, Preservative) will perform the function of solvent (i.e. cleaning).

    It will also perform as a Lubricant/Preservative.

    It's an 'all-in-one' product.

    Use your BreakFree-CLP as a "solvent" (per the instructions in your owner's manual).

    When finished scrubbing & cleaning, wipe all the firearms' parts clean and dry.

    Then apply a fresh coating of BreakFree-CLP as an "oil" to lubricate the firearms' parts as instructed by the owner's manual.

    If you'd like to try a non 'all-in-one' solvent type of product, I suggest the following items.

    -Shooter's Choice Bore Cleaner

    -Hoppe's #9

    You can still use BreakFree-CLP as a Lubricant & Preservative after you've finished wiping the firearm clean and dry.

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    Most of the gun cleaning solvents contain a powder solvent (which removes the burnt powder residue from your barrel and action) Some however are made especially to remove copper and lead from the barrel. They also contain a solvent such as kerosene or mineral spirits that will dissolve and flush the burnt powder residues out. As far as I know no one makes just a powder solvent. I have tried most all the gun cleaning solvents and I keep coming back to Hoppes #9.

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    I was reading too fast

    Yes, if you have Break Free CLP, that does work as a powder solvent as well, that is what the C stands for.

    For some folks in the field, having a 'do it all' is great.

    Here in the comfort of your own home, save a few bucks and use Hoppes #9 solvent, it takes out burnt powder, lead fouling, and copper fouling very well, and it is much less expensive. You can use the Break-Free for lub and protection, or just get a can of rem-oil or other similar gun oil

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    No. What you want is Hoppes powder solvent. It is very good. A powder solvent is exactly what it says. It dissolves the gun powder in the barrel.

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    There are different brands out there--Hoppe's #9 probably being the most popular. There are some that are better than others, depending on what you want to remove. Butch's Boar Shine, Sweets, take your pick, they are all good.

    Just be careful, some are not meant to be left in your bore overnight, they can be harmful!

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