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Has any one achieved getting their hair white?

Has any one achieved getting their hair white like in the pictures below:

Any experiences & pictures would be fantastic as i'm dying to know how to get the colour,

hair salons will not do this so don't suggest them as lets face it they can't even cut your hair the way you want it.

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    I have seen Four people actually achieve this color and all of them had to do it in STAGES - Even then their hair was VERY FRAGILE and had to be CONDITIONED furiously and only one of them could use shampoo to wash it. If you look at the people in the pics their hair looks dry and frizzy and the last photo had natural dark blond hair to start with and the color you see on her (Other than Re-Touched Photos) is Baby Blonde (Very Pale Blonde w/ Some Gold Hightlights)

    If you want to do this, you will have to do-it-yourself with a good BLUE-BASED Lightner and you will need to put up with 'Funky' Color for a few weeks between treatments. And condition,Condition,CONDITION to keep it soft and smooth.

    Start Here:

    Apply BORN BLONDE® MAXI™ for 45 mins. - NO MORE

    Shampoo, Condition and wait for three days. If your hair is dry and/or brittle, condition and wait another 24 hrs. After that, you can apply the second bleach - Again, use MAXI™ according to the second bleach instructions, your hair SHOULD be light enough for TONING After this. If not, wait another week, condition and bleach again. You will need to use a TONER to get a 'White' color. Check toners at the local beauty supply - Try to get BORN BLONDE® No-Peroxide / No-Ammonia Toner in #351 Silent Snow Or #352 Precious Platinum When your hair is in better condition, try one of the Permanent CREME™ TONERS


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    the first pic looks like a freakin joke. dont do that. the third on may be ok, but in order to pull it off, u want to have very plush skin, kinda like christina. and you will have to bleach you hair for a long time, which will probably be very painful. do u watch antm? in one cycle, michelle had to get her hair that blonde and she was literally shaking in pain. she started with dark colored hair though. if you already have blonde hair, like anya in this cycle it wont be as bad. and you really might want to get this done by a stylist, because this could really damage your hair if not done right. so yea, good luck with everything!

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    Hair Salons can do this. It's called bleached and toned. You will find your answer in a J.C. Penny Hair Salon. They use a product Nexus. Ask for "the manager". Ask for best color artist. Be willing to wait for her/him. This product doesn't fry your hair and a good color artist can lift to a perfect white. The manager is also a Hairdresser and is willing to assist. I'm a hairdresser and went on this binge myself. This is where I found an answer to this binge prayer. Blessings <>< :]

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    the second one isn't white, it's blonde. the quality of the picture just makes it look that white.

    but, i know how to make it white.

    first, bleach it til it's about platinum blonde.

    then buy this stuff:

    it's a toner that will turn your hair whiiite.

    i havent used it yet, but i've heard amazing things and plan on buying it soon.

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    Ask Billy Idol.

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    i tried to do this once by myself and it didnt work out so inthe end i went to a salon to fix it and it turned out better.

    but you shouldnt put bleach all over your head to start it will turn out spotty and damaged!!

    uhm andif you have never done it before it will hurt so bad, i cried for about 2 hours haha. and also if you are going this light it might make you have REALLY bad dandruff..where the skin on your head peals off..

    but good luck! =]

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    you should get the bleach from hot topic. i forget what its called but the boz is black with white writing... you have to leave it in for almost an hour (depending on what color your hair is). it fries your hair, you see how all those people have frizz? its cuz the bleach dried their hair.. if you use super good conditioner it will help tons!

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    If you go to a hair salon and tell them you want that hair color they will dye it that color. If they don't go to a beauty supply store and get the things to bleach it your self.

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    the hair in the pictures in not white, it's either gray or platinum blonde. in the 2nd picture there is colur reduction, in the 3rd - the light causes the effect.

    white=no pigment whatsoever in your hair. platinum blonde - achievable. white - unlikely.

    plus - you'll completely destroy your hair...:(

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    the third one looks just really blond - maybe you should try that.

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