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What are the songs from the movie Baby Mama?

does anyone know the songs from this movie? mostly i would like to know all of the songs but one in particular is the one when angie goes to the bar to meet her boyfriend

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    I just found this:

    David Byrne Song ("Stay Up Late")

    Song Performer ("Stay Up Late")

    Josh Kessler Song ("Party Nights")

    Ariel Rechtshaid Song ("Party Nights")

    Eric Sloane Song ("Party Nights")

    Lionel Richie Song ("Endless Love")

    Diana Ross (II) Song Performer ("Endless Love")

    Lionel Richie Song Performer ("Endless Love")

    Marshall Crenshaw (II) Song ("This Street")

    Marshall Crenshaw (II) Song Performer ("This Street")

    Neil Diamond Song ("Red Red Wine")

    UB40 (II) Song Performer ("Red Red Wine")

    Garrett Dutton Song ("Hot Cookin")

    G. Love Song Performer ("Hot Cookin")

    Walter Afanasieff Song ("She Bangs")

    Desmond Child Song ("She Bangs")

    Robi Rosa Song ("She Bangs")

    George Michael (II) Song ("Careless Whisper")

    Andrew Ridgeley Song ("Careless Whisper")

    Robert Hazard Song ("Girls Just Want To Have Fun")

    Ed Roland Song ("December")

    Collective Soul Song Performer ("December")

    Rob Laufer Song ("Throne Of Bone")

    Rob Laufer Song Performer ("Throne Of Bone")

    Joan Jett Song ("Bad Reputation")

    Kenny Laguna Song ("Bad Reputation")

    Ritchie Cordell Song ("Bad Reputation")

    Joan Jett & The Blackhearts Song Performer ("Bad Reputation")

    Barbarella Bishop Song ("Hey Ladies")

    Michael Diamond Song ("Hey Ladies")

    Matt Dike Song ("Hey Ladies")

    Ronald Ford Song ("Hey Ladies")

    Adam Horovitz Song ("Hey Ladies")

    John Robert King Song ("Hey Ladies")

    Linda Shider Song ("Hey Ladies")

    Michael S. Simpson Song ("Hey Ladies")

    Larry Troutman Song ("Hey Ladies")

    Roger Troutman Song ("Hey Ladies")

    Beastie Boys (II) Song Performer ("Hey Ladies")

    Terrance Kelly Song ("Back Again")

    Norman Whitfield (II) Song ("Back Again")

    Adam Yauch Song ("Hey Ladies")

    Garry M. Shider Song ("Hey Ladies")

    Roosevelt Harrell Song ("Back Again")

    Mr Cheeks Song Performer ("Back Again")

    Ted Bruner Song ("Welcome To My Party")

    Kay Hanley (II) Song ("Welcom To My Party")

    Allison Lurie Song ("Welcome To My Party?)

    Jessie Malakouti Song ("Welcome To My Party")

    Kristen Wagner Song ("Welcome To My Party")

    Shut Up Stella Song Performer ("Welcome To My Party")

    Sean Henriques Song ("Get Busy")

    Steven Marsden Song ("Get Busy")

    Sean Paul (II) Song Performer ("Get Busy")

    Chris De Burgh (II) Song ("The Lady In Red")

    Chris De Burgh (II) Song Performer ("The Lady In Red")

    Seth Binzer Song ("Starry Eyed Surprise")

    Andy Gray (II) Song ("Starry Eyed Surprise")

    Fred Neil Song ("Starry Eyed Surprise")

    Paul Oakenfold (II) Song ("Starry Eyed Surprise")

    Oakenfold Song Performer ("Starry Eyed Surprise")

    Gabriel Alexander Ross Song ("100 Days, 100 Nights")

    Sharon Jones Song Performer ("100 Days, 100 Nights")

    The Dap-Kings Song Performer ("100 Days, 100 Nights")

    Katy Perry Song ("Fingerprints")

    Katy Perry Song Performer ("Fingerprints")

    Greg Wells Song ("Fingerprints")

    Tom T. Hall (II) Song ("Jump This Joint")

    Peter Hobbs (II) Song ("Be Gentle With Me")

    Jonathan Owens Song ("Be Gentle With Me")

    The Boy Least Likely To Song Performer ("Be Gentle With Me")

    Flattop Tom Song Performer ("Jump This Joint")

    Eric Stefani Song ("Dont Speak")

    Gwen Stefani Song ("Dont Speak")

    Colbie Caillat Song ("Mistletoe")

    Mikal Blue Song ("Mistletoe")

    Colbie Caillat Song Performer ("Mistletoe")

    Stacy Blue Song ("Mistletoe")

    Mildred Hill Song ("Happy Birthday To You")

    Patty Hill Song ("Happy Birthday To You")

    Zach Gill Song ("Family")

    Zach Gill Song Performer ("Family")

    Jack Johnson (VI) Song Performer ("Family")

    Phil Spector Song ("Be My Baby")

    Jeff Barry (II) Song ("Be My Baby")

    Ellie Grenwich Song ("Be My Baby")

    The Ronettes Song Performer ("Be My Baby")

    Eric Sloane Song Performer ("Party Nights")

    Marty Kupersmith Song ("Bad Reputation")

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    Baby Mama Soundtrack

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    This Site Might Help You.


    What are the songs from the movie Baby Mama?

    does anyone know the songs from this movie? mostly i would like to know all of the songs but one in particular is the one when angie goes to the bar to meet her boyfriend

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    I know I really like that song too and I didnt catch it in the credits. So I was looking around and finally found it!! Its called "Be Gentle With Me" - The Boy Least Likely To

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    The beautiful song that plays during the sad scene when they go their separate ways is called

    "Miles Behind Me" by the band HOTEL LIGHTS, which is

    Darren Jessee from Ben Folds Five.

    You can listen to some select songs on his myspace page.

    Amazing Band!

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    I tried to look it up on imdb but they don't have it listed. Your best bet would be to watch the credits and the end of the film they always have the songs listed

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    hey! you just answered my question about this.

    haha i see you asked two questions, i asked like 4.

    i was looking for this ever since i saw the movie last night.

    its such a good song.

    well you know the answer, because you told me.

    but i just wanna say thanks :)

    you made my night.

    i love that song.

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