Can I get into West Point...?

Okay, here it goes.

I am a female, junior in high school (public high school).

I am half caucasian/half south korean.

My unweighted high school GPA is 3.65. (I've taken mostly honors or AP/IB classes).

My class rank is 46 of 563 (top 8%).

I take my SATs a week from now, so I don't have a score yet.

I've been extremely involved in athletics throughout all of my highschool years.

I play on the Varsity Tennis, Varsity Basketball, and Varsity Soccer teams at my school.

I was recognized as an All-League athlete for tennis last season.

I play the alto saxophone in my school's jazz band.

I am in the National Honor Society, Key Club, and AFS club.

I am the Sports Editor of the school's yearbook.

And I work on the weekends.

So based off of this, do I have a good chance of getting into West Point?

Also, my dad served as an officer (Major) in the Air Force for 24 years and then retired. I don't know if that would increase my chances, but I'll just throw that in too.


No, I'm not a polyglot. But I have been considering learning the Korean language and spend most of my summers in South Korea, so I can understand basic Korean conversation.

Also, I have been studying Spanish for the past three years, and I can read/talk/write a good amount of it.

And, I am aware that I need to obtain a nomination from a congressman/senator.

I'm just getting so nervous since I will be applying very soon, and I do not want to get rejected haha.

Update 2:

I only added the part about my dad because I found out that I can also apply for a Military Sevice-Connected Nomination based off of his military career.

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    Your chances are better than most however West Point only has a female population of nearly 3% they are very hesitant on accepting women into west point however there was a Female that was admitted to West Point A graduate of Hardin High Scool in Hardin TX by the name of Cheri Skidmore she had nearly the same GPA and athletics stance as you. They main thing that I can say is stand firm on your future if West Point is your aim GO for it..

    Source(s): Personal Expirience
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    1 decade ago

    Contact your Congressman/woman to get a nomination to West Point!

    Great credentials plus dad as a military retiree is a plus!

    are you also a polyglot?!

    Source(s): served 30 years -Army!
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    1 decade ago

    You have a great chance but that doesn't automatically get you in.

    You have to be physically fit in many different ways and you still need recommendation from someone like a senator,congressman or the unlikely event of a Vice President.

    Good luck!

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    your question is written in a way that is impressive. The last paragraph should be deleted. Your write up is great, and you do not need the influence of your dads' time in the military to help get you in . Join the ROTC and strive and plan on attending OCS. Your dad should be able to tell you about OCS.

    The best of luck to you! In the Army we say: BE ALL YOU CAN BE!!!

    Source(s): Chief Warrant Officer 3, U.S.Army (retired)
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    you definitely have a terrific chance of getting accepted. I myself am applying to USAFA and i wish i could say I was as involved as you are. Talk to your school counselor and start the application process it is important to start it spring of junior year

    Source(s): good luck!
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    1 decade ago

    the best way, is to go to your congressman or senator (US) and ask for an appointment.

    congressmen get one appointment per year.

    you can ask?

    I did and got an AF academy appointment at 18

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