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immediate impact of the fall of communism on russian and Germany?

can you guys help me out with this. I have to write a paper on the fall of communism and about the impact of the fall of communism on Germany and Russia, and the problems Russia faced as they make the transition from dictatorship to democracy. From a command economy to a free enterprise system. and finally, a concluding statement on the significance of thee historic changes for the peoples of Germany and Russian and the U.S. today. Thank a lot in advance.

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    Honestly, just simply do the researches in google. It's a multi-billionaire corporation for a reason here... Wikipedia is also not a bad source. Just make sure that you check it with other reliable source, since historic articles in wikipedia is one of the most popular target to be altered.

    But simply put...

    Provisional Government was created to establish democratic Russia after Tsar Nicholas II resigned. Russians were delighted of the change, thinking that their lives will improve. After all, democracy promised peace and full of promise to Russians.

    But this didn't seem to be the case at all as the time passed. Democratic government (Or so what they called, anyway) continued to support the Triple Entente by committing a very unpopular war against the Germans. German defenses were well established (Along with Austrian reinforcement), which successfully countered nearly all Russian attack... that simply added more meaningless death tolls. Inflation continued to rise as the economy got worse. Land reform, promised by Provisional government, ended badly as most of landlords far from Moscow and St. Petersburg simply ignored any attempts of land reform. And many rich farmers, the ones hugging all the land, had close connection with the new government. The Russians were pissed that ineffective Tsar was replaced by a government as ineffective as their former king.

    Then guess what? Lenin came in in the name of peace, land and bread. He promised to end Russian involvement in WWI, promised a revolutionary idea of communism that will allow land reforms and stable economy. Russians weren't confident about this drastic idea, but they were desparate enough to give it a try. They wanted changes ASAP.

    I am sure you'll find out details about Germany. Make sure that you know which Germany you are talking about. Are you talking about Communist influence to Germans prior to WWII or after WWII?

    Your welcome. Do your work next time...

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    i think it became David Hasselhoff's stay overall performance that befell on the partly demolished Berlin Wall that had the main effect on the autumn of Communism (haha). On a extra severe word, i think Communism could make a comeback by using fact of China. China's Communist occasion is the biggest occasion interior the international. China has greater their armed forces spending and is must be the subsequent international's superpower.

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