Contractions Every 10 min. for 24 hours?

I started to get contractions last night around 7pm, now its about 3 in the afternoon, so its not quite 24 hours but it was happening b4 i started to time them. they have been coming pretty consistently, all throughout the night when i woke up this morning they were still happening. i called my dr he had me come in & they hooked me up to a monitor & they are contractions & are showing up on the machine, but when he examened me i was not dialated & my cervix was still closed. so i guess my question is, has anyone else gone through this?

the dr told me i could do this for weeks, or they could stop or it could progress. its nerve racking not knowing, i never have heard of them being consistent for this long, without anything happeneing.

By the way, i am 37 weeks pregnant & they are not painful just a tightening.... any help would be great!!

thanks.... jessica

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    Yep, they are braxton hicks

  • I can so relate to what you are going through right now. When I was pregnant with my son I had contractions every ten minutes for the last three weeks like clock work, I could time my watch by them I swear. If they aren't painful and aren't getting any closer together then sorry but it ain't the real deal! Braxton Hicks contractions can be painful too, and a few times I went into hospital thinking it was the real deal by the time it came for me to really deliver I was sure I could recognize all the nurses and know them all by name!

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    HAHAHAHA. I think you just stated something most women go through at the end of their pregnancy. I had this with both my boys. You always end up feeling like a stupid *ss when the doc says go home. After two times around let me tell you though, you will KNOW the real deal. You won't have any question about it. It will feel like super bad diarrhea cramps. that just get worse. Look up Braxton hicks it will help you understand a little better. And when in doubt, always take it up with the pros, go to the docs.

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    Yes this happened to me with my first pregnancy around 38 weeks. Consistent contraction for hours and when I went to the hospital they never got any stronger or progressed eventhough they were being monitored. My doc sent me home and I had my daughter almost two weeks later! My doctor said that is normal and they will wait till the baby came on its own. When I went into real deal labor I knew it!!

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    I went thought this for 2 months before I had my daughter!! and at first it sucked but I ended up getting use to them. I finally had to be induced. Then put something on my cervix to soften it up and help me dilate!! Just relax and if you start to feel pain along with the contractions then start timing them and let you Dr. know.

    Hope this helps,

    Congrats and Good luck!!

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    My mum started getting Braxton Hicks about 1 month, 1 month 1/2 before my twin brothers were born. Sometimes they would go down to 4 minutes apart, but everytime she would go in they would send her back home because it was not 'real' labour.

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    Sounds like Braxton hicks to me. This means that your body is preparing itself for the actual contractions. you may go into labor any moment (i said may) i had irregular contractions just one day before i gave birth. i gave birth on the 27th of Feb and my braxton hicks started on the 26th of feb. after 15hrs of irregualr contractions my actual contractions started which were evry 5 min.

    hope that helps!!

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    Sounds like Braxton Hicks to me..... they may go away, or they may get enough practice and start the real thing.... I can understand how its frustrating though, you're ready to be done. Good luck, you'll know when its the real deal!

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    these are called braxton hicks contractions if you go and drink alot of water they should help to calm them down good luck

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    walk ,walk , and walk

    having sex sometimes helps.

    hot baths ..

    a little bit of ex-lax but just a little bit

    you dont want to take too much

    but labor and del. nurses said this works..

    Source(s): my aunt been a labor and del nurse for 20 years
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