what was the most beautiful religious ceremony you've ever been to?

Was it of your religion, or another's? Did it effect your personal belief?

The most beautiful ceremony I went to was a pilgramage to the Bascilica in DC. They held a mass in several languages a few years ago, along with a rosary prayer in four languages. I found it very spiritual and it helped cement my belief that Catholicism was the right one for me.


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    A Christmas concert in Montreal about 17 years ago, down by the port. It had me in tears.

    I was also overwhelmed by the "call to prayer" the first time I heard it, in Rabat last June.

    Neither were of my religion, of course, as I'm an atheist. Nothing about the ceremony affected my beliefs about the existence of god or any of that, but both did affect my beliefs about the adherents of those religions and the overall value of religious belief.

    The Montreal concert was Catholic, and a reminder of the beauty of some of the Catholic ritual. I do understand why people are so moved by that ritual.

    The "Call to Prayer" made me aware of something that we have lost in the sectarianism. We no longer have the general sense of common community that I think we used to have quite a few years ago. The Muslims in Morocco at least still have that - the call to prayer goes out over the entire city at once, and when it does, everyone shares an experience. That is a positive thing, in itself.

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    I attended a beautiful Pagan wedding - I am unsure what their exact beliefs are, but knew they were not Christian or Jewish.

    We all sat on blankets on the ground - including the bride and groom.

    It started with the bride and groom brought into one another by their parents.

    They did this wonderful thing with a small bowl of wine. The mother and father of the groom poured wine into a bowl provided by the mother and father of the bride.

    This bowl was then handed over to the man officiating over the ceremony, he said something over it, handed it to the groom, he gave her a drink, she took it and did the same to him

    They then did the rings, the guy officiating put their hands together and wrapped them with a cloth and then they kissed.

    It was beautiful!

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    Holy Thursday mass is always the most beautiful and most worshipful mass of the year for me. Nothing can beat the beauty of everyone singing Pange Lingua Gloriosi as they process out of the church following the Eucharist to the altar of repose.

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    I think it would have to be the church service I attended in Holland with my then new fiance. I did not speak a word of dutch and all of the service was in dutch of course, so although I did not understand it all I thought it was amazing how the love of God came through. When they worshiped I could almost tell what was being said, and I could feel God in the service, even without understanding a word.

    It was pretty amazing.

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    midnight mass on christmas eve. i am an atheist, no it didn't affect my personal beliefs, but it was aesthetically pleasing. i am sure there are other more 'beautiful' ceremonies, but i haven't been to them. the most fun ceremony i've been to was a pagan bonfire for some holiday, but i was only allowed to be present for certain things because they had a pagans only rule about the actual rituals.

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    Formal Communion of my Temple in Washington DC last October. Unbelievable.

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    Honestly the most beautiful religion (although I don't know about ceremony) I've witnessed is Hasidic Judaism. Such love, respect, and reverence. I envy their social closeness, sense of community, and their spiritual and emotional means of worship instead of rules and dogma and threats of hell if you don't comply.

  • I would have to say for me this would be the Easter Vigil of a few years back when both of my sons made their first Holy Communion and were Confirmed. They were also Baptized I waited until they were old enough themselves to decide for sure. I cried the whole service.

    Peace Be With You.

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    That an easy one sister 24 years ago when I was 11 that was my real birthday ,the day I was born again and baptized,Jesus has never ever let me down people yes,him never

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