BPA in formula containers!!?

for all who give their baby formula... there is BPA in some of the formula containers, the plastic lining on the inside. just to let the parents know who are concerned.


here more info if your interested http://www.ewg.org/reports/bpaformula

Update 2:

ive read it in many other articles also not just that one.

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    Yep, BPA is everywhere: Most canned foods, such as canned tuna, canned tomatoes, canned soup; the lids of jarred foods, even those organic Earth Best baby food jars; many Tupperware containers; bottled waters; IPOD. BPA is on the lids and bottoms of the Similar and Enfamil powedered formula containers. It's very hard to eliminate BPA. I guess the best you can do is to be aware and reduce its use as much as possible. At the same time, you don't want to make yourself crazy either--of course, easier said than done.

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    rather, nothingconstant, that isn't actual in any respect. The extensive style seven recycle sign basically skill that it is a blended plastic. i comprehend this because of fact i could examine the comparable factor a pair of weekends in the past in Redbook. I figured we've been secure with my seven month previous - we purely use Playtex nursers, and all of her bowls are superb. till the only night she comprehensive eating her Gerber candy potatoes, and that i flipped the container over and observed the feared extensive style seven. I observed as them up, and asked them approximately it. They certain my their boxes are, certainly, BPA-unfastened, or maybe despatched me some coupons for calling in. That being stated, I rather have under no circumstances heard of any formula boxes having BPA in them; are not all of them, different than for the hot Similac container, basically compressed cardboard? EDIT: so which you're telling me that Gerber lied? you relatively think of that they had set themselves up for a lawsuit like that?

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    Just to add, this mostly applies to the metal cans. Enfamil and Similac powdered cans are made from cardboard, which doesn't need the protective lining. Brands of powdered formula that are sold in completely metal cans, as well as all of the ready to feed and concentrated formulas have the most exposure.

    Edit: Draight's Mommy, metal cans ARE still being lined with a protective lining that does contain BPA. This goes for canned foods as well, not just baby products.

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    This article was posted 8 months ago. I'm pretty sure the FDA has already taken care of this situation.

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