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BethS asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 1 decade ago

Why do some people insist that events like the Holocaust or the moon landing didn't actually happen?

Just curious what people think. As a history major, I understand that there may be questions about historical events that don't have a lot of documentation. But these events were well documented with witnesses still living today. I mean, I don't see questions on here asking if American slavery actually happened or that Native Americans weren't really forced onto reservations.

Just wondering...

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    1 decade ago
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    I guess that there will always be a fringe element that's a bit loony! At one point, of course, there were doctors who scoffed at hand-washing before operations! Later, they were proved wrong.

    As far as the Holocaust, I fear that there are still some people who hate Jews because of some misguided concept that Jews killed the Christ (It was really soldiers from an oppressive foreign regime) or that because Jews owned the banks of Europe that they (the Jews) caused the Great Depression, or that the Jews didn't follow the laws of the world when the nation of Israel was declared.

    In order to reduce the world's sympathy for those poor unfortunates who were the victims of the Nazis and the worst monstrosity the world has ever seen, Jew-haters like to say that the Holocaust never happened, or that "it wasn't that bad." I've had people (Arabs) tell me that it was all really Zionist propaganda. That's loony!

    As for the moon landings, I dunno, maybe some people thought we were spending too much money on the space program, but we wouldn't be communicating on personal computers if not for the space program. We wouldn't have cell phones, or microwave ovens, or even color TVs much less LCD or flat-panels! Still, the loonies will have their say!

    So go figure.

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    Some people are either desperate for attention by advancing absurdities or are as most other respondants have mentionned. It is baffling, but it isoften due to mental diseases.. Many also do that for slick reasons such as advancing that the US Government was behind the 9/11 catastrophy. Actually they hold conferences and have a following of the nutty stuff. They , of course, make money by charging lots of money for the fools to attend the conference.The last nut is reported in England where a person lost his scholarly fellowship for ascerting that Auschwitz was a recreation place with movies, a most modern swimming pool, an extensive library where inmates could read.leisurely , a physical therapy program, and even a health club to exercise like a Spa.He asserted that inmates were well fed , and that the only people who sufffered there were the German overseers who had to put in long hours.

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    I basically could ask do you reside in a cave, my stable God the data became piled 60 ft intense with lifeless human bodies, the gas chambers nonetheless stand and there's a Erie stench, 1000's of photos have been taken hundreds of thousands have been murdered and you question that the holocaust actual occurred remarkable basically remarkable, I even have been there and that i don't desire to flow returned, yet i'd advise you commute to Auschwitz and notice for your self, i became basically 17 years previous once I fought on the front strains against Germany you could not think of the dying and tragedies of conflict until you have been there.

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    I agree that it's a conflict with deeply held values. There is a lady in our city who, on a yearly basis, asks for all of the books about the Holocaust to be removed from the school libraries. Then when they don't, she presents them with a book that says the Holocaust never happened, and when they don't put it into circulation, she cries 'censorship'. This starts to make more sense when you realize her father was a pastor in Germany during WWII. How could her loving father, a man of God, have been among the citizens of a country guilty of the Holocaust?

    I avoid the 'they're just nut cases' theory. It slides too easily into "people who don't believe the same things I do are obviously crazy."

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  • 1 decade ago

    The only people I've ever heard of not "believing in" the Holocaust (as if it's Santa Claus or the flippin' Easter Bunny) are racist, bigoted, ignorant people.

    Events such as the moon landing, however, are debated by even those who are slightly educated.

    Sometimes I think people will pick a sore or interesting point in History and come up with theories as to how they were either completely wrong or they didn't exist altogether because they want attention and enjoy making people angry.

    It must be frustrating to be stupid, so angering people who aren't would be at least entertaining.

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    I believe that the major reason is that it conflicts with the values that they hold. When reality conflicts with passionately held beliefs, people have a tendency to deny reality.

    In the case of the Holocaust, the belief is "Jews (or Israel) = villains". This conflicts with the Holocaust's portrayal of the Jews as victims.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    These are probably the same people who are into conspiracy theories & don't trust the government. And maybe their knowledge of historical events doesn't reach back as far as the US Civil War or the Trail of Tears.

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    In my humble opinion - B.S., M.S., J.D. - they're ignorant people, stupid and/or hateful, who just want to rile us up. They must lead VERY pathetic lives if this is all the fun they have in life.

    My other choice would be that their idea of History starts on the day they were born and will end the day they die.

    Joe - We wouldn't even have TANG! Kudos!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think it's some kind of post-Watergate distrust in the government gone completely wild....I kid you not, I know someone who will vehemently deny the moon landing, but INSISTS on the existence of dragons

  • Bob
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    1 decade ago

    They're paranoid conspiracy theorists, sometimes ignorant and sometimes racist, that insist on a radical revisionist view on history.

    I'm all for not trusting the government... but there's just so much damn proof on these things.

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