Chemistry: In the following list of metals, the strongest reducing agent is?






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  • 1 decade ago
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  • 3 years ago

    rather much all reactions in inorganic chemistry are redox reactions (help + OXidation). between the reactants is oxidised and the different decreased. Oxidation can take place by utilising addition of oxygen, removal of hydrogen OR by utilising loss of an electron. in addition, help would properly be via loss of oxygen, addition of hydrogen or benefit of an electron. as a result, zinc would desire to do between the latter to be a decreasing agent, even regardless of the undeniable fact that i'd assume it to be an oxidising agent considering while a zinc ion (charged) is formed from a zinc atom (uncharged), it is going to become Zn+ by utilising dropping one electron (dropping one adverse charge) and absence of electron is oxidation (???) desire this solutions your question.

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