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Did you hear the IOC is trying to gag athletes and stop them protesting?

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    sorry to tell you that IOC has the right to gag athletes and stop them from protesting. IOC rulebook states that any athlete who will engage in any form of political protest during the duration of the Olympic games will be expelled from the Olympic Village and will never allowed to compete in the Olympic again.

    one classic example was the Black Power Salute which happened during the awarding ceremonies of the men's 200 meter in the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. gold medallist Tommie Smith and bronze medallist Juan Carlos raised their black-gloved fist as a protest of racial discrimination in the US. IOC didn't like what they saw and promptly expelled them from the Olympic and banned them for life.

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    IOC is NOT trying to gag anyone.

    Read the Olympic rules. Protesting is allowed OUTSIDE the game venue and competition. According to the IOC rule, it is NOT allowed INSIDE of the venues.

    Learn to read first. Freedom doesn't mean freedom to ignorance.

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    An Olympic athlete is bared by contract agreement from participating in ANY active protest during the games.

    They DO have the right to not participate in the opening or closing ceremonies but not to actively advertise that fact.

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