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eating habits 的介紹(十萬火急,,唔係講玩,!!!!英文高手一定要幫拖!!)

eating habits 的介紹(中英介紹)

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  • 華華
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    今日香港人生活忙碌,他們為求快捷便會對一日三餐草草了事,他們最愛光顧快餐店,雖然快餐店的食物款式很多,而且送餐速度甚快,但這些快餐店所提供的食物都是多油多鹽,尤其以多肉少菜為主. 另外,年青人和小朋友更愛吃漢堡包,暑條和汽水,這是都是無益而脂肪高的食物,多進食會引致癡肥.所以為了健康著想,應該聽從政府呼籲,要多吃蔬菜和水果,一天飲八杯水來取代汽水.如果人人都跟從這些建議,便能享有健康的人生.

    Nowadays, Hongkongers are busy all day. They like eating meals quickly so they like going to the fast food shop. Although there are lots of dishes for choosing and they serve the dishes fast, there is too much oil and salt in the dishes. And the dishes have a little vegetables.On the other hands, the teenagers and children like eating hamburgers, fried chips and soft drinks. They are unhealthy and have too much fat. If they eat too much, they will be obesity. Therefore, if we want to stay in healthy, we must follow the advice from the government. We must eat plenty of vegetables and fruits each day and drink at least eight glasses of water instead of drinking soft drinks. If we both follow the above advice, we will have a healthy life.

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