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Do you have the histroy of Olympic Torchbearer

Do you have the histroy of Olympic Torchbearer

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    Ancient Olympics

    For the ancient Greeks, fire had divineconnotations — it was thought to have been stolen from the gods by Prometheus.Therefore, fire was also present at many of the sanctuaries in Olympia , Greece .A fire permanently burned on the altar of Hestia in Olympia , Greece .During the Olympic Games, which honored Zeus, additional fires were lit at histemple and that of his wife, Hera. The modern Olympic flame is ignited at thesite where the temple of Hera used to stand.

    The modern era

    The Olympic Flame from the ancient games wasreintroduced during the 1928 Olympic Games. An employee of the Electric Utilityof Amsterdam, lit the first Olympic flame in the Marathon Tower of the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam .

    The modern convention of moving the OlympicFlame via a relay system from Olympia to theOlympic venue began with the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin , Germany .

    The relay, captured in Leni Riefenstahl'sfilm Olympia ,was part of the Nazi propaganda machine’s attempt to add myth and mystique toAdolf Hitler’s regime. Hitler saw the link with the ancient Games as theperfect way to illustrate his belief that classical Greece was an Aryan forerunner ofthe modern German Reich.

    Although most of the time the torch with theOlympic Flame is still carried by runners, it has been transported in manydifferent ways. The fire travelled by boat in 1948 to cross the English Channeland was carried by rowers in Canberra 2008, and it was first transported by airplane in 1952, when the fire travelled to Helsinki . In 1956, allcarriers in the torch relay to Stockholm , wherethe equestrian events were held instead of in Melbourne , travelled on horseback.

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