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可唔可以翻譯以下文章 , 英→中 ..thx!!

可唔可以翻譯以下文章 , 英→中 ..thx!!

A white woman in her 50s had been standing in one unemployment line for an hour, holding her 10-year-old grandson by the hand. “I have been working all my life and this is the first time I’ve ever been laid off,” she said. “I don’t like having to get a handout from the government. I want to work.”

A couple stood behind her – husband and wife, both automobile workers, both out of work, both in their 50s. “It is not so bad for us,” the woman said. “My husband can tinker with odd jobs around the neighborhood and pick up a few dollars to go with relief, but it’s hard on our two sons. One’s been laid off and the other is about to be.”


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    [ 己帮你 英→中 ] 一個白人婦女在她的50s 站立在一條失業線一個小時, 拿著她的10 歲的孫子由手。"我工作所有我的生活並且這是第一次我曾經被解雇了," 她說。"我不喜歡必須得到贈送品從政府。我想要工作。"

    夫婦站立了在她之後- 丈夫和妻子, 兩名汽車工作者, 兩個喪失工作, 兩個在他們的50s 。"它不是那麼壞為我們," 婦女說。"我的丈夫能粗修以臨時工作在鄰里附近和拾起幾美元連同安心, 但它是堅硬的在我們的二個兒子。某人被解雇和其他將是。"


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