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高爾這一部紀錄片,以幽默的談吐,加上動畫,把難以理解的 科學理論做深入淺出的詮釋, 讓人們認識到地球暖化及臭氧層破洞的問題,正視地球面臨的嚴苛危機!





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    This high documentary film, with the humorous style of conversation , add the cartoon , do the smiple but profound annotation explanatory note of the scientific theory difficult to understand, let people realize the questions of the earth warm melting and ozone layer and broken hole , face the tight severe crisis that the earth faces!

    Explain the global warm severity that melts with the most candid and direct method high. He sometimes quotes the astonishing fact data, the serious consequence that sometimes predict future and take place.

    Weave in the high personal heart way course too in the middle: See the possibility that extensive environmental protection crisis produces from him in the classroom in the university; Get him take as young senator , but almost lose bitterly and love the son when being daring and energetic, therefore has changed him to having short view of life; Defeat that been receiving until U.S.A.'s presidential election all the time .

    But he does not have disheartened will of losing at all , invests his most important mission of this all one's life again instead, persuade common people to still come in time to change, save our only earth.

    Through this film, I really realize, how seriously the global warm problem that melts is; It is through this film too, I am getting cognitive , obtain the improved example to see from ozone layer and broken hole, so long as people have hearts, such a big problem can be improved to some extent, we have chances. I recommend this film very much, make me benefit a lot. Let us pay attention to the global warm question that melt together , start from one's own action.

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    The Department of Gore documentary, humorous style of conversation, coupled with animation, and difficult to understand and easy to do a scientific theory of interpretation, so that people realize that global warming and the hole in the ozone problem, face up to the Earth facing the harsh crisis!

    Gore in the most direct way to frankly explain the seriousness of global warming. He sometimes cited the fact that an astonishing data, and sometimes predict the future will be in serious consequences.

    Gore also interludes between personal history of the Mind: From his university in the classroom to see large-scale environmental crisis, the likelihood that he as a young senator,High-spirited when almost lost the love-and thus changed his The concept of a short life; has been to the U.S. presidential election setback suffered by.

    But he is also not disheartened-mourning, but to re-enter his life the most important mission, to convince the people of the world is also timely to make the change to save our only planet.

    Through this film, I really realized that the problem of global warming how serious is through the film, to my understanding, from the hole in the ozone layer to improve the example, as long as people want, so the problem can also Has improved, we still have a chance. I recommend this film, I benefit from. Let us jointly to the problem of global warming, starting from their own actions.

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    The annotation which Gore this documentary film, by humorous style of

    speaking, in addition the animation, which understands with difficulty

    the scientific theory does explains the profound in simple language,

    lets the people realize is warm and the ozone layer crack question to

    the Earth, faces up to severe crisis which the Earth faces!

    2008-04-26 16:39:42 補充:

    Gore explains the global warm gravity by the frankest direct method.

    He quotes the surprising fact data from time to time, from time to

    time forecast future will occur serious result.

    2008-04-26 16:39:52 補充:

    Middle also alternates the Gore individual idea course: From him when

    university saw in the classroom the large-scale environmental

    protection crisis produces possibility;

    2008-04-26 16:39:57 補充:

    To his body is the young

    senator, the high-spirited time actually almost pain loses the beloved

    son, thus changed him to be short to life view; Continuously arrives

    when the US presidential election receives frustrating.

    2008-04-26 16:40:53 補充:

    But he has not actually been discouraged becomes dispirited,

    instead reinvests his this life most important mission, convinces the

    common people when also with enough time makes the change, saves our

    only Earth.

    2008-04-26 16:41:15 補充:

    Penetrates this movie, I only then truly realize, the global warm

    question has how seriously; Also penetrates this movie, my cognition,

    obtains the improvement from the ozone layer crack the example to


    2008-04-26 16:41:19 補充:

    so long as the people have a mind, the such major problem also

    may have the improvement, we also have the opportunity. I recommend

    this movie very much, causes me to obtain benefits a great deal. Let

    us take the global warm question together, starts from own motion.

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