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Pricing shall be in accordance with the terms set out in the Vendor Buying Agreement signed by the Supplier and ABC(公司名). If there is any reduction in Supplier’s selling price for merchandise prior to delivery to ABC (or, if consistent with Supplier’s practice, if merchandise has already been delivered to ABC), Supplier agrees that the selling price to ABC shall be immediately reduced to such reduced selling price. If payment has already been made to Supplier, Supplier shall, at ABC’s option, provide a credit on future purchases or refund the difference between the price on the Order and such reduced selling price. In no event shall ABC be liable for any price in excess of the price on the Order, less all applicable discounts or deductions. Any increase in any price of merchandise shall not be effective unless ninety (90) calendar days written notice has been provided to ABC.

* Insurance

Supplier shall obtain and maintain Commercial General Liability insurance, including but not limited to Products Liability coverage, including a Broad Form Vendors Endorsement, Completed Operations and Contractual Liability coverage, with cross liability, with limits of not less than CDN$10,000,000 per occurrence. Such insurance shall be underwritten by an insurance company licensed to conduct business in Canada and reasonably acceptable to ABC and ABC shall be a payee under the policy. ABC and its affiliates shall be named as additional insured on any such policy. The policy shall provide that it may not be cancelled without 30 days’ prior notice to ABC. Supplier shall provide to ABC, at the time of execution of this Agreement and thereafter upon renewal and also upon any request by ABC, a certificate of insurance in a form acceptable to ABC, evidencing the insurance coverage required under this Agreement. No insurance policy shall satisfy or limit any requirement of the Supplier to indemnify, defend and hold harmless ABC as required in Section 13 of this Agreement.

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    定價將根據在供應者和ABC 簽署的買協議的賣主裡說明的任期. 有售價供給者削減任何在交付兌一ABC 之前給商品(或者, 和供給者的實踐一致, 如果商品已經被交付到ABC 了),供應者同意ABC 的售價將立即被降低到這樣降低的售價。 如果款項已經被支付給供應者了,供應者將,在ABC 的選擇, 在將來的購買上提供一筆信貸或者退還按訂貨的在價格之間的差別和這樣降低的售價。 ABC 在任何情況下都不將超過訂貨,不那么全部適用的折扣或者扣除額上的價格對任何價格負責。 商品的任何價格任何增加將沒有效,除非90(90)公歷日書面通知已經被提供到ABC。


    供應者將獲得並且保持商業的一般的責任保險, 包括但不是對產品負債保險限制, 包括一個廣泛的形式賣主支持,完成行動和合約的負債保險, 由於交錯責任,帶有每事件不少于CDN 美元10,000,000的限制。 這些 保險因為要在加拿大經營的批准的保險公司將承保和對ABC 合理可接受和ABC 將是隸屬于那些保險單的收款人。 ABC 和它的分支機構將被命名為關於任何這樣的政策的附加保戶。 政策將規定它沒有30 days 事先的通知而可能不被取消到ABC。 供應者將給基本知識提供, 在這項協議的實行時和此后當更新時以及經ABC 的任何請求, 以一個對ABC 可接受的形式的一份保險憑証,證明在這項協議下要求的承保範圍。 沒有保險單將滿足或者限制保護的供應者的任何要求,象在這項協議的第13 部分要求的那樣保護並且保持無害的ABC。

    這樣行嗎? 好像有點怪.......

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    是有一點怪嘞 如果你不介意我的坦白的話

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