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請英文能力好的 救救我吧

請英文能力好的各位 幫我修改(求…)

Please revise any grammar or usage error in this paragraph. Note that this is the FIRST paragraph of an article. So you are also required to write some suggestions (no more than 150 words) regarding its content, length, structure, etc.

Is Vegetarianism Good for Human Beings

How to be a healthy person? Someone says that to be a vegetarian is the answer to the question mentioned above; nevertheless, I don’t think so. I am of the opinion that if a person who want to keep in shape, the best way for him to do is to have a balanced diet, which means that a person should keep a well-round diet in the four food groups: breads and cereals, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, and meats and fish. Both eating too much meat and being a vegetarian are not good for human beings. However, people nowadays are not healthy, for most of them don’t keep a balanced diet. Some people like to eat meat, junk foods, something like these, and worse of all, they seldom eat vegetables and fruits while there are some people who do in a opposite way: what they eat are vegetables and vegetables, for they think that more vegetables they eat, more healthy they will be. In my opinion, I don’t agree with both the meat-based diet and vegetarianism, and the following I want to talk about the disadvantages of the two kind of diet to support my idea that keep a diet in balance is the best way to keep one in shape.

可以用word追蹤修訂的方式嗎 這樣我才知道那裡修改過了



kellychung85謝謝你喔 不過我是要把文章改的順一點 並不是要翻譯 不過 還是謝謝你

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    請校正任一個語法或用法錯誤在這段。注意這是文章的第一段。如此您並且被要求寫一些建議(沒有比150 個詞) 關於它的內容、長度、結構, 等。


    怎麼是一個健康人? 某人說那是素食主義者是答復對問題以上提到; 然而, 我認為不如此。我認為如果想要保留在形狀的人, 最佳的方式使他做將有平衡的飲食, 意味人應該保留很好圓的飲食在四食物種類: 麵包和穀物、乳製品、水果和蔬菜、和肉和魚。兩個吃許多肉和是素食主義者不是好的為人。但是, 人們現今不是健康的, 為了大多數不保留平衡的飲食。一些人民喜歡吃肉, 垃圾食物, 某事像這些, 和壞所有, 他們很少吃蔬菜和水果當有做用一個相反方式的某些人民: 什麼他們吃是菜和菜, 為了他們認為更多菜他們吃, 更加健康他們將是。以我所見, 我不同意含肉類成分的飲食和素食主義, 並且以下我想要談論這种二的不利飲食支持我的想法保留飲食在平衡是最佳的方式保留一在形狀。

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