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Article total: My holiday~

My best one holiday is on Friday,Saturday and Sunday, Fridays is coming that let me feel high, and holiday as soon~

In my holiday, i like to play online-game and surft websites, always like to find out some knowledges anywhere and read a good book, that take me enjoy over there.

If i have more times in holiday, i want to study more, like learn (the)piano, go around bookstore, do house-work and learn the fortune telling.

I hope learn more and study more what i do.People said: learn more to died, i think the way is very correct to me.

By the way, i have a girl friend and i want with her more from my holiday by telephone, because sometimes i cant be with her more, and may i can take more happyness for her!

Finally, i hope everyone can be hearthy and enjoy everyday and dont be write time in futher~

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    My favorite days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday! When Friday is coming, I feel so excited.

    During my holidays, I like to play on-line games and surf websites. I always like to find out some knowledges anywhere and read a great book, that make me feel enjoyable.

    If I have more time on holidays, I want to learn more, like playing the piano, strolling bookstores, doing house works and learning the fortunetelling.

    I hope learn more and study more what I want. People said: learning more from cradle to grave. I think that is correct to me.

    By the way, I have a girl friend and I want to connect with her more by telephone on my holidays, because I can’t be with her sometimes. Maybe I can bring more happiness to her through the phone talking.

    In the end, I hope everyone can be healthy and enjoy everyday, don’t waste time in future.

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