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    SWOT Analysis

    Strength: advantages

    ◎ can help moderate the rapid lips and good moisture absorption

    ◎ long-term effects of moisture moisture

    ◎ be modified Chunwen

    ◎ protect lips from sun, cold wind hit, to prevent dehydration and rough

    Weakness: disadvantage

    ◎ rub together will be a little greasy

    ◎ degree not long lasting

    ◎ eat or drink plenty of water will eat

    ◎ easy sticking to the wind when the hair

    Opportunity: the opportunity to

    ◎ with a lovely flavor or color

    ◎ excellent use of feelings

    ◎ let the smell of their own comfortable feeling much love

    ◎ trusted

    Threat: threat

    ◎ less lipstick color to the rich

    ◎ competitiveness of the industry

    ◎ price increases

    ◎ easily be replaced by Lip

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    SWOT analysis


    ◎ can the moderate gang bilabial moisturizer be also fast the good absorption

    ◎ persistent effect favor moisturizer effect

    ◎ can decorate the lip grain

    ◎ the protection bilabial the sunlight, the cold wind attack, the prevention is not been rough and dehydrated phenomenon


    ◎ will scratch will think a little greasy

    ◎ the endurance is not long

    ◎ will eat the thing or drinks water will eat

    ◎ when breeze blow easy to mount the hair


    ◎ has the enchanting fragrance perhaps the luster

    ◎ 絕 good use feeling

    ◎ the comfortable fragrance will be been in favor with own feeling time

    ◎ is worth trusting


    ◎ the color does not have rich which the lipstick comes

    ◎ the same business competitive power is big

    ◎ the price rise

    ◎ is substituted for easily by the lip honey

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