Psychology science or hoax? Matt Lour ,Tom cruise.Psychology is about money.?

The practice of psychology,and psychiatry is a hoax. How can a psychiatrist diagnose any thing when not having even studied the client ,or even interviewed be called to the TODAY SHOW (circus) to explain behavior.The TODAY SHOW is just vacuous entertainment.The hosts are corporate sllaves with pleasing smiles.Their psychiatrists are scientific ,paid frauds .What is going on in your neck of the woods?

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    Psychiatrists diagnose patients by asking them questions and recording what they say to further analyze them.They view medical records etc, it is not from nothing. Psychology is also a heavily studied field but it seems your question is bifurcated. Are you misconstruing psychology and a TV show as the same thing? The Today Show is not a representation of psychology, however, it seems like you`ve grasped your answer. Yes, TV shows are for entertainment and perhaps anything that appears on it, even psychologist. But DO NOT use it to lump and generalize the things you see and conclude it as facts.

  • Bill
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    I don't believe psychology is a hoax. A "hoax" means a trick to get people to believe something is real, when it's false. If you think psychologists are doing that, I think you're suffering from conspiracy paranoia. I don't think psychiatry is necessarily "scientific," totally, maybe part art. But evolution isn't really science either, more religion.

    Tom Cruise is not the savior of mankind or the ultimate guru. Actually, I think he's rather gullible, believing in Scientology, UFOs, etc.. Is psychology about money? Not totally. Just about everything is about money--including Scientology. Psychologists who do their work honestly have a right to a decent wage like any other profession.

    I don't believe all of psychiatry and psychology is necessarily helpful all the time. But sometimes it is, very helpful for many, many people.

    I'd like to hear you prove psychiatry is a fraud.

    Don't believe dogmatic pronouncements just because they come out of a celebrity's mouth, just because you may like the celebrity. Think for yourself.

  • Anonymous
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    It sounds like you've had some unhappy dealings with members of the mental health profession. Even so, you obviously have a lot to learn. A psychiatrist will NOT diagnose a patient without meeting with him or her face to face. What the "Today Show" has to do with anything, I can't even guess. It sounds as if you know as much about psychiatry as Tom Cruise...which unfortunately is zero.

    Perhaps before you send out something like another Yahoo! question, you might want to study up on your topic. Otherwise, you wind up just looking like you don't know what you're talking about. Does not reflect well on you.

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