What information is inside seal adoption records?

What info is enclosed in sealed adoption records, and where are these sealed adoption records kept? In the court house of the county the birth took place? Where do you obtain a copy of the original birth certificate? Thanks (I'm in Arkansas and the birth also took place in Arkansas )

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    sealed adoption records contain any information pertaining to the natural parents...such as names, family histories, birth location and certificate, etc. sealed records are done to insure the confidentiality of the natural parent/s. However, in most states, adoptees have had some success in petitioning the court for their birth certificates/records. You must show a valid reasoning--such as a genetic medical issue in most cases. Your original birth certificate is on file at the Vital Records department. Sometimes--especially in older records--they are stored at the headquarter office of your state. Your bc was probably amended after adoption....and they will only give the amended one without a court order.

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    According to the confidential intermediary that opened my sealed records, my files contained:

    1 original birth certificate

    2 social worker's notes/report to the court

    3 relinquishment papers, signed by bparents

    4 adoption papers, signed by aparents

    5 amended birth certificate

    all totaled, maybe 8 - 10 pieces of paper

    Frankly, it was disappointing to hear that 10 sheets of paper that I am not allowed to see could so dramatically change my life.

    Source(s): adult adoptee
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    Sealed adoption records usually contain everything pertaining to your adoption.

    Unless you're in an open records state - it's very unlikely that you'll get hold of them.

    If you're searching for your bio family - here are some places to start without the records -

    First - add your details to the registries here



    Check here for information on your state records here -


    (click on the page marked 'Searchers' down the left hand side - this will tell you search details specifically for your state)

    Check here for search help - and links to free search angels -


    And check here for any support - it's the best online forum for adoptees I've found -


    All the very best with your search.

    Source(s): Me = Aussie adoptee.
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