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1993 chevy silverado 4wd shifts hard from 1st-2nd?

hi i have a 1993 chevy silverado it shifts hard from 1st to second gear and sometimes going into drive but not AS hard going into does this if you drive slowly or you floor it either way. it also clunks into drive and reverse when shifting from park.the transmission does not slip whatsoever. my truck has 201,000 miles on it so i figure the tranny is just going out but i don't feel like spending $2000:( any ideas?

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    double check fluid level, make sure it is full after that. it just might be a transmission issue, the 700r4 was prone to problems ,but i believe that was a situation with the sun gear.

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    check fluid levels in transmission has a little plug on side remove stick finger in and see if your oil is up to your finger!

    transmision (STICKS) still need to be checked every once in while and sometimes drained to clean out debris 9metal filing) and such... replace with straight weight that is suitable for your climate 70 weight to 90 weight are good in summer time heat! thats what i used in my 4x4 1980, chevy...Phx,Az.

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