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i filed my taxes for 2006 last year......?

.......but I never received a bill of what I owed....I had a job that I only worked at for 2 months that witheld taxes, and another job for the entire year that withheld no taxes. if I did not receive a bill, should I do anything? or be worried?

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    When you do your taxes, you are responsible for figuring out how much money you owe and then you send in a check with your tax forms. The government does not bill you. If you do not contact the IRS regarding this mistake, they will catch up to you, you will be audited and possibly be prosecuted for tax evasion. If you don't know how to fix this situation on your own, I suggest you visit a tax specialist like H&R Block.

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    To clarify, you are saying you mailed in (or e-filed) your 2006 tax return, but did not pay the taxes due. But you never received a notice from the IRS.

    You need to call the IRS at (800)829-1040. Failure to pay penalties are are building can send them a payment at any time by mailing a check with your SS# and tax year in the memo field.

    It makes me wonder if they even received your return, which would be a very unfortunate situation. Failure to file penalties are much steeper than the failure to pay penalties you already know you face.

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    On the return you filed, it is your responsibility to declare all income and compute, based on that income, any deductions, credits or other offsets of income, and the tax tables provided to you, exactly what your tax bill is, and then you pay it. The IRS does not bill you, per se. If their figures show that you have either made an error, or underreported income, that results in you owing more, then they will notify you that you must pay the unpaid tax, and probably interest and penalties on top of it. It can take them several years to catch up, though. If your return was done properly and you paid all tax owed based on the return, there's nothing to worry about.

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    When did you file your taxes for 2006? Contact IRS at 1-800-829-0922 to find out what your balance is. IF you just mailed your 2006 it does take 6-12 weeks to process your tax return.

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    Just mail them in to the same address you mail your 2007 returns. Use separate envelopes.

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