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assisted suicide.?

so i have to do a speech for assisted suicide, persuation speech, and i was just wanting to know some stuff about it, the basics, or anything interesting or your opinion would be good...anything you have would be helpful.

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    At least I do know a little about this. The last time I responded to a question you forwarded & told you I didn't know someone reported me for a violation. So anytime I don't answer assume I don't know.

    Anyway first off get your speech done several days before due if possible. Then practice it on others. This not only gives you more confidence which helps in itself to persaude others, but gives you a chance to get feedback from others & tweak your presentation.

    Also be sure to time it when practicing. When you're in front a group of people talking it seems longer than it is or with some they go on so long they lose the listeners' interest.

    Be sure to talk to the audience. It's easy to pick one or two that are really listening & focus your attention on them. That can & usually will lower your grade. Again this is where practice comes in handy. The more confidence you have the less you need affirmation from the audience.

    It's also good if you agree with what you're trying to persaude others to agree with but in school that's not always possible. The less you agree the more research you have to do. Find out what the main arguments against it are and focus your research on debating the other side of those.

    Personally I'm against it. Besides my faith there are other reasons. Often if someone is real sick or dying they are depressed. Thus they might seek death as an escape more readily in that situation. In reality they want relief from the pain.

    To some it's a control issue. The illness has taken away all their power and this is the one way they can fight back by choosing their own time to end it.

    No one likes to think of being hooked up to a bunch of machines to live. So it's natural they are going to say no extraordinary measures. But there is a big difference between the imagined scenario & how you really feel once you get in it. As a CNA I saw lots of people who were on no code struggle to survive once taken off life support.

    But assisted suicide is more humane than what Teri Schivo went through. There isn't any kind of pain as harsh as starvation & thirst. Most people don't realize that no extraordinary measures include feeding tubes removed.

    Yet on the other side if assisted suicide becomes legal in some cases it sits the stage to become easier to murder if the person can't respond & has a health directive stating no extraordinary means.

    Plus often even the best laws can end up being bad. Though I personally felt it was wrong in the beginning abortion wasn't bad in some situations. But now we're killing children half way delivered & siphoning out their brains. Something the law won't even let you do to an animal.

    By nature there will always be those who step a little outside the law to see how far they can go or get by with. Once you give legitimacy to assisted suicide you open the door to making it ok to kill yourself & ultimately to others being able to decide when you're not worth caring for when you can't.

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    assisted suicide is a sin! it is also against the law. with all the new technoloigy this world has, there's always hope for everyone. most suicide tryers are those that are in mental pain more than physical pain. caring , love and compassion can lessen the affects a lot. good luck on your speech.

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    Well at the moment it's illegal to do. I personally can find a lot of reasons for it. From a point of view of a loved one, prolonging the suffering of a loved one with an incurable disease, it seems like the right thing to do. You don't have to suffer as much, they don't have to suffer as much, and often the medical bills of someone in there state stay to haunt the living for the rest of there life. I think it should really be up to the person who is dying.

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    Here is some info for you.

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    Google: Dr. Kevorkian, that'll do it.

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