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Is there such thing as something HEALTHY from taco bell??

Im on a really tight schedule and I need to stop for some food, but i don't eat fast food but im willing to try taco bell if someone can provide a healthy selection... Im not sure if this is possible but help me out!!

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    Don't Worry,

    Taco bell has Healthy nutrition foods for dieters :

    Breakfast: Since Taco Bell does not do breakfast for obvious reasons, we recommend that you either drop off at the Subway for the 270 calorie Egg & Cheese on Deli Roll OR that you enjoy a bowl of yummy cereal sprinkled with sliced fruit and dunked in skimmed milk. – Allow 270 Calories for breakfast.

    Lunch: 1 Regular Style Chicken Chalupa Supreme OR a Regular Bean Burrito PLUS 1 Order of Cinnamon Twists OR a Regular Taco

    About 530 Lunch Calories

    Dinner: 2 Regular Tacos with taco sauce

    About 350 Dinner Calories

    Be sure to incorporate a couple pieces of fruit, such as two small plums, for a mid-afternoon and a late evening snack. Also keep in mind that this Taco Bell planner is not intended to mirror a healthy meal suggestion rather to provide a pattern for dieters who do fast food now and then. Daily menu suggestions are based on calories.

    The above menu is in dire need of more fruit, more dairy and more vegetables.

    Hope this Helps! :D

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    I appreciate your argument but to be honest I don't think allowing students to eat fast food every single day is a good idea. School lunches are unhealthy enough as it is. When I was in high school we had terribly unhealthy food. Mini tacos, mozzarella sticks, chicken strips, burgers, fries, pizza, and the salad bar was basically lettuce with ranch dressing. Fast food everyday is a step in the wrong direction. I think schools need to have better variety but healthy choices and get rid of the crap. If the kids bring their own food from home it would probably be better. I don't think the concentration should be on making the schools money but to make the kids healthy.

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    Fresco Menu! I'm a taco bell freak, the fresco menu is right on the website,, and all items have less than 9g of fat I believe. They replace the cheese and sauces with salsa. Not only that, but calorie content in taco bell items are significantly less than any other fast food restaurant. Their bean burritos are good too, low cal but high in protein.

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    Um, that would be the mild taco sauce. Just kidding! A quick check on a calorie counter site says it's the Mexican rice, followed by the Bean Burrito. And it's not health food, either. These were the least bad, nutrition-wise.Here's the link.

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    Well can you really call ANY fast food place "healthy"? Here's the definition of healthy...

    1. possessing or enjoying good health or a sound and vigorous mentality

    Here's fast food's definition....

    1. not dying instantly

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    Well.. they do have their "fresco" menu options. And even though flour tortillas aren't exactly good for ya, it's not bad if you look at the overlal health value (calories, fat grams, etc). If I ever get a craving, I go take a peek at their nutrition value and their calculator on their website! good stuff! :)

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    its not a point of being healthy or not, just moderate what you get

    how about one beef taco and side of chips and cheese instead of like a 1lb burrito and large coke......

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    chicken tacos without the sauce is the healthiest.

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    anything with grilled chicken, and the pintos and cheese are real good. They provide lots of fiber.

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    i really dont think so. hey eat bad one day and then tomorrow work extra hard

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