Spirituality, Religion, Science, Pantheism, The Universe, The Mind of God. Can you comprehend?

First of all,

"They're always going to believe what they want, because their minds aren't open to new possibilities"

Much agreed.

Look, the way I see it.. Our star is a relatively small one that resides in a galaxy that contains between 250,000,000,000 to 400,000,000,000 other stars. Hmm.. thats a lot. Then take into account that 10% or more have solar systems (planets orbiting a star) similar to ours (4 or more planets, usually a couple small terrestrial planets, and a couple large hovian "gas" planets). That is a staggering 25,000,000,000 - 40,000,000,000 solar systems. Large number that our tiny brains cant comprehend.

NOW... on top of those astronomical numbers, there are AT LEAST 400,000,000,000 galaxies in the known universe.

How many zeros would you have to add to that to calculate the amount of solar systems..?

Now your telling me, that our off centered lonely solar system on the out edge of one arm of the milky way galaxy, which is one galaxy in a small local cluster of galaxies which is a small patch of fuzz next to a super cluster of galaxies called the grea attractor.. is the ONYL planet with life in the universe!?

I want to slap you.

Look, the Universe itself, its vast emensity, its infiniteness, and endlessness inward and outward in space and time.. is GOD itself. The universe IS CONSCIOUSNESS. The Universe IS GOD. WE ARE PARTS OF GOD. WE ARE THE MIND OF GOD. When will you wake up and see that?

God divided ITSELF (not himself) up into infinite parts, so that it could experince self, and explore itself.

Through out history, what do you see? Humans learn more and more, and become capable of more and more, just like a child, who learns, grows, and becomes capable of more.

Just like a developing fetus growns neurons in its tiny head to make connections between nerves in the brain, we too are developing central communications systems, like the internet and cell phones etc etc to make COLLECTIVE decicions.

We are a developing fetus, with veins of concrete and metal blood cells with wheels. We are the developing mind of GOD. We will eventually BIRTH from the planet Earth, and seek out other intelligent life form to connect with, and share our knowledge, challenges, experiences and technology with. And it will go on and on and on.

Nothing happened on accident, and some white guy with a beard didnt strike some sand with lightning and create adam. Atom created us. And it was planned in a genetic code.

Both parties are wrong. Spirituality and Science need to both merge like they were in the days of Pythagoras.

Ahh, but why do I rant, there will always be crazy religious psychos like jiloth7 who know nothing, but just cram passages from the bible that they dont even understand themselves down your throat.

What we need, is a BIG disaster to wipe out the majority of our population.

I have never heard the term "Pantheist" before, but I just looked it up, and I guess that pretty much sums up my belief, that God and the Universe are the same lol.

Its really not all too hard of a concept to digest, and makes so much more sense than the fairy tale super stitions of the Christian faith. Infact, seeing the entire universe as one essence of being and humans as an experience or thought in the mind of God, makes the concept of God so much more amazing.

People are so annoying, any time something gets posted like that, its like the go to bible.com or something and copy paste psalms. The idiots dont even know what they are talking about, they dont have any logic whatsoever, they just say the usual crazy bullshit, like "REPENT, THE TIME IS NOW, JESUS DIED FOR YOUR SINS, LET HIM AND HIS HOLINESS INTO YOUR LIFE! GAYS ARE ALL GOING TO HELL!" lol.

But I can totally respect Hinduism, Taoism, Paganism, Buddhism and the Wiccan believers. Christianity can be respectable to if you look at the passages in the bible as symbolic and not literal, but there are too many mindwashed and close minded idiots that just ruin it. Not to mention how much the Vatican has altered the content of the bible over centuries just to keep people under control and push certain beliefs and ways of life on them. I also hate how often Christianity is used as a tool by politics.. GW for example. "God told me to destroy the evil terrorists".. um, I though God said "Thou shall not kill" lol

Then you have the athiests, who are just as bad as the Christians, always stuggling to disprove God. They ask questions like, "Why did God let the Holocaust happen?", "Why did God let 911 happen?", "Why do we have so much crime", well, before I give my calm rational answer, this is the first thing that comes to mind: HELLO! Our society is disintegrading into idiots, and we all need a huge WAKEUP CALL.

But they real asnswer is, becuase God left humans to do what they do, just like God left the rest of intelligent and unintelligent (humans) life forms alike to do what they do. Evolve, learn, destroy, grow, kill, love, hate, seed.

Humans are over populating, and we are a very young species in the eyes of time. We have a lot to learn. You have to expect something like this to happen. And it will happen again and it will be worse before we learn.

Heres something for all of you to digest. The Universe is not three dimensional, And for those of you who dont understand how the universe could be flat, let me explain it to you like this:

Look at a picture of a distant galaxy. What do you see? A flat glowing disk. What is this flat glowing disk made of? Why 3-400,000,000,000 spherical "stars" and their satellites. I also believe that this reflects the microcosmic fact that subatomic particles take on the properties of both waves and particles at the same time.

Even more eerie, is that sub-atoms are waves when we are not looking, and particles when we are observing. Hmm.

The mechanics of our reality is complex, and its more than humorous to me when any human thinks they are 100% correct, because we aren't even a 100,000,000,000 trillionth of a spec on a spec compared to the size of reality... if reality has a size, because I have a hunch that the ultimate reality is a singular point of infinitely dense energy, and this point is infinitely extra dimensional, and all energy within the sub-atom is a reflection of this point, hence the reason sub-atoms can communicate with each other instantly no matter how far across the universe they are from each other. ...

Yes, we live in a strange universe that a lot of us don't want to imagine, and the other half cant comprehend it, most irritating to me others that don't ever think about it at all, and the others go insane because it all makes too much sense.


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    The issue most people have with pantheists (everything is god) is that they think they are making relevant commentary toward pan-en-theism (god is in everything). The issue with the universe being "god" is that it is a non static being. It is big but changing and in being so, it can have no will or destination beyond whatever happens to... happen. I agree with a lot of what you are saying, but only because you are saying so little. The "god" part requires time and intent and although there is a lot of that that passes through the universe its no more part of it than water is a part of me (That metaphor can mean a good number of things and a lot of them are right). If everything is making too much sense you probably aren't really thinking it all the way through... or like me, right now, you can see a lot of things but you don't know what the question is supposed to be.

    I'm still hungry.

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    Wow....that's a mouth full and a mind full. I too am a Pantheist Pagan and even though my beliefs differ from yours (slightly) I can see the point you are trying to make.

    There will always be those who say we worship the created and not the creator but IF the universe was indeed created by the hand (or mind) of the Divine then it too holds divinity and the appreciation and acknowledgment of that is what Pantheism is (to me). That is not worship. It is simple reverence. I revere the universe, I respect it and understand that I will never understand or know everything.

    We learn, we grow and we evolve. That is the nature of humans (as is my understanding of us). What we do with the knowledge we gain is not always pleasant and is not always within reasonable comprehension. All we can really do is learn from our mistakes and do our best not to repeat the past.

    That is my Pantheist response. I did not intend to leave a long one but I am wide awake and highly caffeinated this morning so there ya go....

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    Ate it..... Well it didn't taste too bad actually I agree with much of what you are saying, I also still be live in the bible and do take many things literally. However many things are symbolic, like the Alpha and Omega for example, could it be that when all that is, condenses back to the singular point and thus explodes into many again that God is able to transverse this event and take us all with him... hmm and maby then he would set it all in motion again so that we could again experience life.... hmmm. Then knowing us before we entered the womb would make a lot more seance. What I'm saying is that I am open to new things Like you, try this on for size.... be fruitful and multiply.... Well if we do infinitely, will we not need all those planets were you say life could exist and if so could it not be possible that they are there waiting for us to populate... made just for us by a God that foreseen our need of them because we obeyed and were fruitful.... and when we get to that point I believe we will be taught how to be like the sub atomic particle and traverse great distance, in quantum theory it is possible and likely... So any way I like to rant to but I try not to look down ON a generation that has been deliberately dumbed down by the powers that would enslave them.

  • Well, I applaud you for the time and effort you put into your question...er, rant. For the most part, I totally agree with you. But, I don't see the universe as conscious, and I feel no need to give the universe unnecessary titles, such as god.

    "Then you have the athiests, who are just as bad as the Christians, always stuggling to disprove God."

    I agree, it would be a struggle to try and disprove god, for the simple fact that you can't prove a negative; much like you can't prove that unicorns do not exist. Atheists aren't about disproving god anyway. (Most) atheists are simply "about" living in reality and not looking for answers where they don't exist, much like you do. The only difference is that you choose to call that reality god. Personally, I see no reason to. If that makes me "just as bad as the Christians", then so be it.

    You say that "The Universe IS GOD. WE ARE PARTS OF GOD. WE ARE THE MIND OF GOD." But then you separate us from god by saying that "God left humans to do what they do"....so which is it?

    You say, "its more than humorous to me when any human thinks they are 100% correct", but previously state that "Both parties are wrong"....Are you claiming to be 100% correct there?

    I do not think that everything happened by mere accident or chance. Everything happened as a result of the natural laws that govern our universe. Nothing more, nothing less.

    LOL @ Vincent K for "a raving militant pantheist"!

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    Wow. I admit, you've opened my mind. Until today, I never thought that a raving militant pantheist could possibly exist. Now I know different. Thank you.

    And for crying out loud, go look up what the uncertainty principle actually STATES. We can't know both position and vector because the act of observation is performed by bouncing photons off of something, THAT'S why the uncertainty principle exists; if we want to observe it, w're putting more energy into the system and changing it. It doesn't magically alter itself just because it senses us watching.

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    I totally agree with you. I'm not sure about the Universe being consciousness, but it's certainly possible. And I'm not sure about God being a sentient intelligence that has particular motives--or even if it's anything more than synonymous with the Universe itself. But I'm certainly pantheistic in nature, and I understood every word you wrote.

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    Peace brother.

    Give us time, each flower blooms when ready.

    It would be a wonderful thing to see them bloom all at once, but then who would get to see the awakening in a new tomorrow?

    Perhaps the universe and Human consciousness is unfolding as it should?

    Keep peace with yourself and share that peace with those you encounter, let love be your energy and remember knowledge is not wisdom, but a step upon the path.

    Blessed be

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    Yep, you have pretty well defined pantheist. I thought that way at one time.

    Now, I 'm not so sure. As far as I can tell, God is _outside_ the universe that He has created.

    Either way, your way or mine, is easier to wrap one's mind around than the 'trinity' which was concocted at Nicea around 325AD.

    The Bible, God, and Jesus all say that there is only _one_ God and that we are to worship Him. The trinitarians say that there are 3 (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) which are really one but Jesus prayed constantly to His Father so if the 3 are really 1, then Jesus was talking to Himself. I don't think so.

    The Bible is clear in this regard that there are 3 persons, heretorfore named, but only one God.

    Jesus is our intercessor and savior.

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    Beautiful, especially the part of the fetus.

    Read: God´s debris, it basically proposes your same idea.

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    Never end something you wish to be taken seriously with "eat that."

    I might agree with you, but that's not the point.

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