Help me Translate from Engilsh to ASL please!?

For my final exam in ASL, I have to interpret English sentences to ASL, but I missed the last class, and I wasn't there to go over these, my test is on Tuesday the 29th. I need some help translating these sentences...

1. Every morning it has been 30 below zero.

2. It's hard to pay attention when the speaker is boring.

3. I'd like to request some time off this summer.

4. Where is a good place for my motorcycle while I visit my friend?

5. The performance took two hours.

6. Do mother's of Deaf children get good advice from the teachers?

Ok that's all the ones I'm unsure of. Please help me..I want to do well on this test and there is no more class until my final!

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    1. Every morning cold. 30 below zero.

    2. Speaker boring. Attention difficult.

    3. Summer vacation me want please.

    4. Friend me visit. Motorcycle park safe where?

    5. Performance watch two hours.

    6. Teacher advice good for-for Mother have deaf children?

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    I agree with edoedo's translation mostly and I will add some alternatives. It has been a while since I have done English to ASL but I will try my best.

    1) everyday morning since 30 below zero

    2) boring speaker hard pay-attention

    3) me want ask summer off can?

    4) where good [or safe] place park motorcycle while visit friend

    5) performance itself 2 hour

    6) mother with deaf children tend good advice from many (or different) teacher?

    Hope I helped some! :) I emphasize edoedo's still good as well

  • edoedo
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    1 decade ago

    i am deaf.

    1) every morning 30 below zero.

    2) speaker boring hard pay attention.

    3) summer off me like ask

    4) where good place park motorcycle for visit my friend?

    5) itself 2 hour performance.

    6) mother itself her deaf children good advice that teacher?

    you will have to remember some will disagree or agree with it but good luck.

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