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how to add a horizontal line onto my blog?

Hi, I'm brand new at css. But I am learning by trial and error. However, I've searched hi and lo for this answer on the web and can't find it. I need to place a line on my blog right above the first post and under the header. I have no idea how to do this. I don't know what to write in the css and where to write it for just one line.


I need help like:

click on css edit, then .....

I don't know where to put "hr" for one line. I don't want the line repeated; i just want it in one place.

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    You can make all kinds of horizontal lines starting with the basic < hr > (take out the extra spaces) and you can add CSS style attributes to your horizontal line.

    Depending on what blogging service you use and how they have it set up, you might be able to edit or modify your blog's basic template. This is how you might place your horizontal line.

    Or, you could preface each individual post with a horizontal line?

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