when should a baby start holding objects with hand ?

my baby is 3 months and 1 week old, he doesn't hold things with hand yet. when should he start holding objects and know that he is holding it?

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    my son start to hold things at 4m.o

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    My baby is 3 months and 1 week on monday, he has only just started holding things, you have to give him some guidance though, if I hold something above him he will reach up and grab it and pull it to his mouth, so its a start, and if his dummy is starting to fall out he will lift his arm up and push it back in, so I would say your baby will start doing the same any time soon, its great isn't it !

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    Give him time, all babies are different, they do things at different times, some crawl, some don't, some take longer to do things,

  • 1 decade ago

    i think its around 4months, my boy started doing this just before 4 months, recognising things and reaching things and grabbing them

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