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可否解答一下五條F.3 Biology既問題? (10點)


1.A formula of a chemical reaction in which enzyme A is involved is shown below.

P ---enzyme A----> Q+R


Which of the following is correct?

A.Enzymes other than enzyme A can also turn p to Q and R.

B.Enzyme A is one of the reactants in the reaction.

C.Enzyme A can turn Q and R to P as well

D.P never turns to Q and R if enzyme A is absent.

2.The small intestine is a major place for food absorption. The cells lining the wall of the small intestine contains many mitochondria. It is because

A.Mitochondria control the amount of food absorbed

B.Mitochondria supply energy for active transport

C.Mitochondria release enzymes which further break down the food to make it easier to absorb

D.Mitochondria remain a steep concentration gradient for diffusion to proceed

3.At which temperature did detergent Y remove 30% of the stain?





Long question:

4.Explain why it is necessary to rinse the clothes thoroughly after washing with biological washing powder?

5.Explain why using biological washing powder is good for the environment?

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    1.Enzymes can have reversible reactions as this is one of its properties. In fact the same enzyme catalyses the reaction in both directions and the direction of the reaction depends on the concentrations of the substrates and products.

    The answer should be C.

    2.I not sure whether the answer is B or C but it is most likely to be B. The explanations are the following: Mitochondria are used to oxidize glucose to release energy. When food reaches the small intestine, some food can only be absorbed by active transport against the concentration gradient into the villi, therefore, energy is needed. As a result, there is a large amount of mitochondria to provide energy to support the chemical reactions there.

    3.呢題無咩理由無端端搵個detergent Y 架喎,至少都有幅圖有個graph睇下,如果唔係應該做唔到,你有冇俾漏資料呀~

    4.Biological washing powders contain bioactive ingredients such as protease and amylase. Protease is a kind of enzymes which is capable for digesting protein into peptides and then to amino acid. This process may enhance the washing power of biological washing powders. Since our hands are made up of cells which contain proteins. Although the protease in the powder is not powerful to digest our hand, but the washing powder may cause irritation of skin of our hand when we are under long time usage of the powder.


    對F.3呢講,呢幾條問題真係幾難,係邊度搵?有D野F.3根本未學,好難答到。第三條你再睇下啦,如果有其他資料再post 上來,睇下幫唔幫到你啦。

    講到第五題,我真係唔明你想講咩,條題目真係完全咁問? is good for the environment 係咩意思先,將D Biological washing powder 灑落地? 定係其實問enzyme 有咩好處?好少會問對environment 有咩好處架,通常都係問對人對cell 對 chemical reaction 有咩好處.......

    請你回一回我啦,我都覺得好奇怪,如果你想方便D就用email MSN啦( ,否則就繼續係度講啦

    Source(s): HKCEE Basic Principles in Biology (Bio天書俗稱恐龍書)
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