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美國銀行(Bank of America)取消帳戶問題

我美東有兩個銀行帳戶,一個是checking account 和 saving account.






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    About the question as you asked an checking account and saving account under Bank of America's care.

    Of course, if you doesn't inform them that - YOU want to close those two account. Then the account will still there, and you will get charge for account service fees each month.

    Even when your balance drop down to $0 or begging of -$1...-$5....They will still charge you for the service charge~~

    So, you better send them a e-mail as you may able to see it from their monthly bank statement as they sent it to you. Then once when you start to contact with them, and as soon as they do some check up on you. They just need to be double ensure that - you are the owner of those two account, and you will able to closed two of your account from over-sea as well.

    Hopefully my explaination is able to helping you out here, or e-mail me if you have more question to ask~~

    Source(s): I was away from Taiwan for a while.... :)
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    也關掉了,但最近又收到一封信說我欠他們 0.02元.煩死了.


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    我也有類似問題: 人在台灣 在美國聖荷西的BOA有個savings account 及定存 因無法到美國提領及結束帳號 不知是否有何方式可以讓我在臺灣做結束帳號及拿到錢?

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