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How many men are in a squad? company, platoon, legion, etc?

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    Let us start with the basics:

    A fire team of 3-5 soldiers is the most basic unit

    There are 2-4 teams in a squad

    There are 2-4 squads in a platoon

    There are 2-6 platoons in a company

    There are 2-6 companies in a battalion

    There are 2-5 battalions in a brigade

    There are 2-4 brigades in a division

    You can do the math on this, but roughly this means:

    Fireteam: 4-5

    Squad: 8-16

    Platoon: 25-60

    Company: 70-250

    Battalion: 300-1000

    Brigade: 3000-5000

    Division: 10,000-20,000

    As for legions, those have not officially existed since the Roman empire.

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    Ideally every thing is based on the number 3 at least in the Vietnam era ( it never was). Except the basic fire time which was 4 men. 3 rifle and one automatic rifleman. three teams to a squad (12). Three squads to a platoon (45) plus platoon commander, Platoon Sergeant, Corpsman (Medic) Radioman, and Platoon Guide. Equals a total of 50 men

    Three Platoons is a company plus a Heavy weapons platoon. and company headquarters group. Total number in a fully organized Marine Infantry Company would be 250 men. 750 men to a Battalion plus H&S company (varies to maybe 100+) includes officers, clerks, supply, recon, drivers, etc. Then there could be platoon attachments like Tanks, Amtrak's, Antitank, (heavy weapons) etc.

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    All units vary in size based on they type of unit they are. In other words, an infantry company has a different number of people & structural arrangement than a signal company. I'll give you some general answers though.

    Squad: 10

    Platoon: 30

    Company: 100

    I don't know what the hell a legion is in modern terms. It was a division in roman times.

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    It depends. In Vietnam, a rifle squad carried 10-men; four such squads+ the platoon HQ's section= 44-men. The company was stated to be 132, but that number discounted the Company HQ's (12-Men) and the Company weapons platoon (26-Men). On paper, the Rifle Company totaled 158-men, but that was only on paper. Today, you have a different company organization depending on the type of battalion/squadron you may find yourself in. Moreover, the Army doesn't use a 10-man squad anymore, with the exception of the Ranger weapons squad. THERE IS NO MODERN DAY LEGION. A Legion numbered about 600. It would be analogous to a modern day battalion.

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    In the Marines a fire team usually consists of 4 Marines, A squad is usually 2-3 fireteams, a platoon is usually 4 squads a company can have up to 8 platoons and a legion which you probably mean a battalion would have up to 8 companies. We havent used the term legion in centuries.

    Source(s): Im a 100% Disabled Marine
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    These day Legion tends to be used for very specific units. The best known one is the French Foreign Legion. It currently has 8 full regiments, a demi-brigade (a battlegroup of 800 soldiers) and some specialist groups. In the 20th century there were a number of specific units called a legion. There was the Czechoslovak Legion which fought alongside the Russians in the First World War and then with the White forces in the Russian Civil War. There was the Condor Legion which was a diverse unit including German airforce, armoured and infantry units fighting for the Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War - the best known element were the bombers who bombed Guernica in northern Spain.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    How many men are in a squad? company, platoon, legion, etc?

    Source(s): men squad company platoon legion etc:
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    Thanks guys I just wanted the number because I m watching a movie about Rome

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