Why does the United Nations have a security council?

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    When it was first configured, the Security Council was meant to be the fastest working organ, and the only one with executive powers. They needed an organ that would act in case of an emergency situation that required swift and appropriate response.

    Therefore, they came up with an organ with MUCH less members than the rest (allowing a fast decision-making process) and that had the power to punish, sanction or take any other action. The UN does not actually believe in the use of such methods to coerce nations, so they did not give this power to any of their other organs. It is to be used only in the special cases that are discussed in the SC.

    Also, the SC is the only organ where there is a veto power, which means that if any of the countries that have the power of veto disagree with a decision, that decision or resolution cannot be taken into actions. The five countries with this power were the five powers of the World War II (remember that the UN was created in 1945, right after the war ended, in order to prevent another conflict like that one. The countries that have veto power are the ones who felt entitled to it because of their actions in WWII). These countries are: China, Russia, France, England and the USA.

    Hope this clears up your doubts, but in case it doesn't... visit the UN web page! :)

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