my wife and i are thinking about moving to naperville IL..?

just wanted to know how the naperville nightlife is. she is a bartender and wants to do the same there. is it hard to find a job in naperville. we're moving from jacksonville fl and there is nothing in this town. chicago is also an option but its way bigger than what we're used to so i was thinkingabout the subs of chi town. any help would be great.she is 26 years old and experienced and very beautiful. she also has 3 years bartending under her belt. is naperville a good place for the night life? we're scared to move because we're coming up there to start over with our lives....thanx for your help. as for me. i can settle for any job to make ends meet

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    1 decade ago
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    Naperville is kinda expensive (as is most of chicago) and coming from jax, you are going to freeze yoru patootie off in the winter! (If you are serious about the move, now is a great time to get some good deals on WINTER coats).....

    Anywhoo, you are not that far from Chicago so there will be plenty of opportunities for your wife to get a great job at a higher class bar in the city perferably in one of the upscale hotels.

    If you dont have any kids, a cheaper town might prove to be a better deal (griffith or even northwest indiana EXCLUDING GARY)

  • zocko
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    1 decade ago

    downtown naperville has a riverwalk area that's full of restaurants and plenty of bars and such. It also is a big town that has lots of housing in a lot of price ranges.

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