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What does BANGS stand for (in french)?

What does bangs stand for in french something about adjectives.. if it's part of bangs does it go before or after the noun?

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    if it is part of bangs the adjective goes before the noun.

    Bangs means:

    B- beauty (words like beau or belle)

    A-age (jeune or vieux)

    N- new (nouveau or nouvelle)

    G- greatness (words like Bon or mauvais)

    S- size (petit, grand, etc.)

    Source(s): i think the n stands for numbers because new should go under age, but my french teacher said it this im not sure about n i think it is numbers (like saying trois euros)
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    Adjective In French

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    B - Beauty

    A - Age

    N - Numbers

    G - Greatness/Goodness

    S - Size

    These are the reasons a French adjective comes BEFORE the noun.

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