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anyone know the PRICE of a KANE cause i stubbed my TOEWS?

yes, my toews pronounciation was a little off. but seriously.. ya think the kid can't read his own name or something.

this brings me to my question.

who were YOUR 3 top rookies this year.

hell make a top 10 if you want to.

Mine, in order were:

Patrick Kane- Just a pure Talent, i have had the enjoyment of watching him with the London Knights in his junior days.

Jonathon Toews- Toews Maturity really shone through after coming back from a scary knee injury part way through the season. He came back and scored the most goals as a rookie.

Carey Price- I posted this before; he got the starter job thrown on him half way through the season carrying the habs to 1st place in the east and did this while staying calm, cool and collected.

Backstrom- Just a playmaker, very much resembles a Jason Spezza like player. He centers some very good talent and still scores and puts up the points.

theres 4. of course, followed by mueller and gagner.

lets hear yours.


alright, maybe he didnt carry them LITY, but he maintained it.


Update 2:

LITY, aren't Harding and Edler's last years rookies?

and why Patrick Kane so low? that just completly strikes me as odd. He is one of the most purest talents coming into the NHL.

I like Erik Johnson, a great defenseman and he will be a STAR. but above Patrick Kane i disagree...

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    1. Jonathan Toews

    2. Peter Mueller

    3. Nicklas Backstrom

    4. Erik Johnson

    5. Patrick Kane

    6. Carey Price

    7. Tobias Enstrom

    8. Andrew Cogliano

    9. Martin Hanzal

    10. Erik Ersberg

    11. Alexander Edler

    12. Joshua Harding

    13. Jack Johnson

    14. Brandon Dubinsky

    15. Nigel Dawes

    On February 26, the day Huet was traded, Montreal was 1 pt behind Ottawa.......2nd overall in the East...............and as we all know..........Ottawa self destructed...........Price didn't carry Montreal to 1st place.

    Nope, they didn't play enough games last year. Harding only played 7 games and Edler only played 22 (You need to play 25)

    I think that when a lot of these players get rounded out, Kane may drop a bit further. Toews and Backstrom are both just amazing players with a lot of skill. Erik Johnson proved over the last 20 games why many people think he may have a stranglehold on the Norris in the not too distant future. Kane on the other hand was nothing without Toews, and for me, that takes away from his year.

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    Patrik Kane- great all around playerr, put up good numbers and being said in the nominations for the selke, just amazing season

    Toews- probably would have been no. 1 in my mind if he played the whole season and did not get injured

    Price- great goalie, proved to be pretty rliable

    Mueller- was a great source of offense for pheonix, had great skill, and i think was a huge part of a prettyy successful season for the coyotes

    Backstrom- playing with ovechkin is easy, but he still showed skill

    5. ganger

    6. Erik Johnson

    7. kris letang

    8. Marc Staal

    9.Martin Hanzal

    10. David Clarkson

  • 1) Kane

    2) Backstrom

    3) Toews

    4) Cogliano

    5) Price

    6) Mueller

    7) Gagner

    8) Johnson

    9) Enstrom

    10) Edler

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    I went to school with a guy named Toews, so it already knew how to pronounce it when I first saw the name Jonathon Toews.


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    i really think that carey price is the man.. i mean frig look at the habs? he took huets place and hes only 20! look how far he brought them in the playoffs? if huet was the goalie.. i dont think they would of beat boston!

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    1. kane

    2. backstrom

    3. toews

    4. marc staal

    5. kris letang

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    screw rookies im all about vets

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    toews than kane and idk who else

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