Mara Jade Skywalker?

what starwars books are mara jade in starting from heir to the empire vol. 1 up to the point where jacen solo kills her?

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    The earliest chronological appearance is in Allegiance.

    Books and comics from Wookiepedia

    * Darth Vader: Extinction

    * Allegiance

    * Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi radio drama (as Arica)

    * Sleight of Hand: The Tale of Mara Jade

    * Mara Jade: By the Emperor's Hand

    * Mara Jade: A Night on the Town

    * Handoff

    * Heir to the Empire (First appearance)

    * Dark Force Rising

    * The Last Command

    * Jedi Search (Mentioned only)

    * Dark Apprentice

    * Champions of the Force

    * I, Jedi

    * Children of the Jedi

    * Darksaber

    * The New Rebellion

    * Jade Solitaire

    * Before the Storm (Mentioned only)

    * Ambush at Corellia

    * Assault at Selonia

    * Showdown at Centerpoint

    * Specter of the Past

    * Vision of the Future

    * Star Wars: Union

    * Judge's Call

    * Survivor's Quest

    * Vector Prime

    * Star Wars: Chewbacca (Mentioned only)

    * Dark Tide I: Onslaught

    * Dark Tide II: Ruin

    * Agents of Chaos I: Hero's Trial

    * Balance Point

    * Edge of Victory I: Conquest

    * Recovery

    * Edge of Victory II: Rebirth

    * Star by Star

    * Dark Journey

    * Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream

    * Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand

    * Traitor (Mentioned only)

    * Destiny's Way

    * Force Heretic I: Remnant

    * Equals and Opposites (Mentioned only)

    * Force Heretic II: Refugee

    * Force Heretic III: Reunion

    * The Final Prophecy

    * The Unifying Force

    * Dark Nest I: The Joiner King

    * Dark Nest II: The Unseen Queen

    * Dark Nest III: The Swarm War

    * Betrayal

    * Bloodlines

    * Tempest

    * Exile

    * Sacrifice

    * Inferno (Corpse)

    * Fury (Mentioned only)

    * Revelation (Appears as a ghost or a spirit)

    * Invincible (Mentioned only)

    * Star Wars Legacy 11: Ghosts, Part 1 (Appears as a hallucination)

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    Dang it, hard one

    I havent read them all. You got to figure she was in almost every book after she was introduced. Or at least every book after she hooked up with the farm boy.

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